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Review: Indrajith shines in Mullamottum Munthiricharum

July 16, 2012 10:33 IST
A scene from  Mullamottum MunthiricharumParesh C Palicha says apart from Indrajith's perfromance the movie has nothing to offer.

Actor Indrajith can be called the Mr Consistent of Malayalam cinema as he maintains a minimum standard in his films (Bachelor Party or 3 Kings being exceptions).

He may not be as flamboyant as his younger brother Prithiviraj, or other youngsters waiting in the wings to make it big. But, Indrajith delivers as an actor when opportunity strikes.

It is the same with his new film Mullamottum Munthiricharum, directed by newcomer Aneesh Anwar. The premise developed by Biju K Peter may be as old as the hills, but Indrajith's sincerity carries it through.

Churatta Jose (Indrajith) is your typical leading man, a rogue with all the vices yet not immoral. He is brought up by a foul-mouthed priest played by Thilakan.

Jose would do anything for money and liquor: catch snakes, bring back eloped lovers, vacate houses by force and so on.

As the naive bad guy who cannot use his brains beyond a point,

Indrajith is a natural.

There are mandatory events that lead to the transformation of Jose. Two leading ladies are part of the process: Suchitra (Meghna Raj) and Rani (Ananya), one shy and soft-spoken, the other brash and brazen.

They both get entangled with Jose, increasing the complications in the plot. The two ladies get their share of the limelight; Ananya gets to make better use of it as a loud and lively Rani.

Thilakan is true to form in an oft-repeated role.

It is the interplay between these actors that works in the film's favour and raises it above the worn-out plot.

Asokan and Tini Tom are the villains, and do a proficient job, though there's little substance to their roles.

Writer Biju K Peter and director Aneesh Anwar have a surprise for audiences in the end, but it comes a little too late in an over- stretched climax.

Mullamottum Munthiricharum tries to be good but remains just average.

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Paresh C Palicha in Kochi