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'I want to make something special with Salman'

November 22, 2006 14:14 IST
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Sooraj Barjatya was flooded with praises about his latest film, Vivah, when he chatted with Rediff Readers on November 21.

The director talked about how he would often think of Salman Khan during the making of Vivah, how he thought Madhuri Dixit was one of the best actresses, and when he was planning his next film.

For those who missed the chat, here's the transcript:

Sooraj Barjatya says, Hello everyone, This is Sooraj Barjatya here. You can start sending your questions now.

gokul asked, Hello Sooraj Ji. Frankly speaking, VIVAH had one of my finest experiences of a heart rendering cinematic climax. Surely one of the most well narrated climaxes in recent Hindi movies. Last one which really shook me was Devdas and of course Black. In fact, I love the way you shoot your climaxes. Many won't argue but I still feel the way you unfolded the love triangle in your forgettable Main Prem Ki diwani Hoon was really fantastic..! Overall, VIVAH is one hell of a wonderfully made movie...!Absolutely brilliant stuff...! Will eagerly wait for your next release. One suggestion...! Please make the music of your next film in the level of HAHK, MPK. Gokul.Delhi
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Thank you. The climax is based on newsprint we read seventeen years ago and moved us tremendously. We all know the climax is the main base of the film.

Sooraj Barjatya answers, No not yet. It takes 3 years for a director to make his film. Now I require to unwind and read a lot.

vijay asked, sir, i can say without any doubt that u r the best director India ever had. and being that trend setter that u r i feel it's time people should watch movies like Vivah bec of it's subject and by the way no one can do it better than u.. and i feel u should stick to this formula only bec we had enough of other kind of movies.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Very flattering. While making the film all told me that such films don't work anymore. I am very happy that people have liked it. the values of our traditions are eternal.

sdjain asked, Howz box office performace of vivah? Is net business crosses 20 crores.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, The collections are getting stronger day by day. Its too early to state the the business.

Ram asked, Hi Suraj..I would call Vivah as EK Shuddh Prem Katha. Thx for making such a nice film.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Thank you for your praise.

kris asked, hello sir,do you have any future plans of directing a totally commercial film?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, I dont think so. Its always the film on relationships that appeal to me.

Raj asked, Please have Salman, SRK and Aamir in one film? Honestly, you are one director I can count on to have a great script. Salman+SRK+Aamir+Sooraj+Rajshri = Blockbuster!
Sooraj Barjatya answers, It will be like a dream as they are all great artists. I have to write that script which you have trusted me with.

Sooraj BarjatyaKay asked, sir, how are u? I am from USA, I like your vivah movie but not like other of your films. Are you planing more like this...KEEP THIS SAME LEAD ACTOR AND ACTRESS
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Each film has its own structure which appeals to some and less to others. Its the simplicity of characters that I would like to retain in future.

mangy asked, Hi Sooraj, Vivah was a very tocuhy movie
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Thank you. It is the goodness which we so rarely see that has worked in this film.

Susant asked, I fell in love with Vivah's Poonam. Have you characterized her on any real life character?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Amrita will be very happy to hear this. The role was made on the lines of a normal middle class Indian girl.

HEMANT DINKAR FROM DENVER asked, Hi Suraj , I saw you movie and really liked it. Seriously there is no other director who can narrote story in this simple and impressive way. HATS OFF for you.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Thanks. Its always more difficult to make things simple rather than dramatic.

grover asked, Hi Surajji, congratulations on Vivah success, another feather in rajshri's glorious success history ...... neast family entertainers in india I wonder why initial reviews of some of your movies (HAHK, vivah)are not good, and later they become megahits.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Its always been in my films as they are very traditional in values, which the critics often feel is regressive. But I have always proved right.

parsarao asked, No questions Sir,Mr sooraj,you did an excellent job.I and my wife liked your picture Vivah immensely.You have the guts to make films of your liking without succumbing to the so called "public demand".Please keep it up.You are too good at Direction.Congratulations.May God Bless You.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, It was too tempting to make as per the demand but the director in me would never allow.

Swetha asked, Hi Sooraj, heard that ur next film is with Salman Khan.. is that true?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, I havent planned the next as yet. With Salman I want to make something very special.

nazir asked, I really liked your movie. By word of mouth it should do well in the US and Canada.My question is: Lataji who has given so many hits for Rajshri movies - why wasn't her voice used just for one song ? I read recently that she still likes to sing. Do you think that Madhuri-Salman pairing would work now ? Thank you for making traditional values movies and good luck in your future projects. Nazir Patel Canada
Sooraj Barjatya answers, I will always be greatful to Lataji for having sung my first song "dil deewana". I must have something as special for her to sing again.

Umesh asked, Hello Suraj ji, Congratulations and thanks for giving such a nice movie
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Thank you Umesh.

deepa asked, Hi, I always liked ur movies..Even the MPDH..u have mentioned smewhere that , the movie was was ur wht sense did u say that? terms of Hit/flop?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, That was one film where I had to take a lot of effort to make it. It was going out from what is me and it has been my greatest learning.

MosesTulasi asked, after making a movie like HAHK how can you make MPKDH ?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, So many people have asked me this question. I am happy I made it so that I have realised the importance of HAHK.

Umesh asked, I am so much fan of all your movies, I think you are the one who tells society the value of joint family, love, affection.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, It is so important to give to society this hope. It is the least we can do for our children.

Sooraj Barjatya, at homegita asked, hello sir i am a student of direction at Whistling woods International Sir what is the scope for independent film makers in the indian industry?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, I think all must work as an associate to a good director for gaining practical knowledge. Today with corporates making more films it is the correct time for youngsters.

gita asked, hello sir i am a student of direction at Whistling woods International Sir what is the scope for independent film makers in the indian industry?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, I think all must work as an associate to a good director for gaining practical knowledge. Today with corporates making more films it is the correct time for youngsters.

MosesTulasi asked, Was madhuri your origial choice for HAHK ? I thought her acting in that movie could be used as a text book for all aspiring actresses, your comments ?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, She was the only choice. She remains one of the best ever as an actress and human being.

Daya asked, Hi Sooraj, I am in UK, I will say lot of thanks to you for, yesterday only I visited site. It is so good.. Very happy to see old hit movies. Straming was superb, keep it up for we NRIs thanks a ton..
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Thank you. It has really boosted our enthusiasm.

Prasanta asked, i am disapointed with vivah
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Would want to know your feedback. You can post your feedback at the Vivah website at

professional201 asked, Why you have repeated the same stories in HAHK,MPKDH from Chitchor, nadiya ke paar & are you again repeating any story in your future movie.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, No plan as yet. As a director I have to be fully inspired by the original.

mohanusi asked, How was it working with youngsters???
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Both Shahid and Amrita have surprised me by their talents. Both played roles totally different from their personalities and surrendered totally to the characters.

sujit asked, Surajaji is Vivah story is real story or something near to real that u seen or heard speciall climax of film??
Sooraj Barjatya answers, The journey from engagement to marriage is something which is so real and everyone relates to it. It has been the major reason for the success. The climax is something which has come first time on screen.

HEMANT DINKAR FROM DENVER asked, First i decided not to watch VIVAH but belive me because of Mouth pulicity i went for movie and find out that ITS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIE OF 2006..........Hats off for you. You narrate movie in such a impressive way that any body can fall in love with any of the characters.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, I agree with you. The film did not have the glamour or the music to attract crowds.

chaitu asked, to your other movies music of vivah was disappointing y dont you try out with music directors like shanker ehsaan loy who r very good with melody and rock ...and how abt ur lucky mascot RAM LAXMAN....i think they r the best i feel...
Sooraj Barjatya answers, A lot of people have told me the same but I wanted the traditional western UP folk for Amrita's character and the use of Hindi language in the poetry since it is slowly losing importance.

ashutosh asked, i saw your Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Maine Pyar Kiya,Hum Saath Saath Hain,Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon & vivah, Suraj ji i want to say that vivah is best of them i like this moive very much & isaw this moive 4 times in last week thanks for making this very beautiful moive. Sir i have requst to make your next movie early & plese cast abhishek & amrita in your next project
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Very lucky that you have liked it the best. Both Abhishek and Amrita are very nice people and would love to work with them again.

sachida asked, why u r only making family drama
Sooraj Barjatya answers, This is a genre people expect from Rajshri and we cater to an audience from zero to 80. Mainly we enjoy making such films.

kalpana asked, why did u make vivah?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, The courtship period which is the love story of Vivah inspired me.

Ameya asked, any plans of directing Amitabh bachchan?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Its an honour to work with such an institution. I must have the perfect role.

Prasanta asked, Who is your favourite actor
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Prem.. :))

MohanCV asked, Hi Suraj, Are you personally happy with the response you got from audience about Vivah? I'm not referring to any of the reviews you got from the media....
Sooraj Barjatya answers, It is overwhelming specially when people are seeing it five-six times even upto 10 times.

ravikanth asked, Hi Sooraj, let me congratulate you on Vivah, I would like to know what's ur impression on indian marraige system and if your are asked to pick one would you like to go for an arranged marriage or love marriage, I'm sure each one has ups and downs and both system are suscessfull in India, your take on that. Thank you
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Thank you. I think both arranged and love marriages are just roads to get the correct life partner.

kalpana asked, did u miss salman while making vivah?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, The character of Prem has been first given birth by him. I would often remember his body language.

Janak asked, hi soorajji, first of all congratulations on the mega succes of VIVAH, I would like to ask you how you feel life in your characters which seems very real like that of chachaji & chachiji in Vivah
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Characterisation takes the maximum time in writing. Its very important for a family film to have naturalness.

poonam asked, I can see the ambience of Nadiya ke paar in all your movies especially in Vivah.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, That is because we have kept a small town feel to Vivah. We have tried to recreate a typical Mathura household.

asif asked, hi sooraj why did u choose vivah as subject of ur film in this era of mtv and channel v culture
Sooraj Barjatya answers, I have to make films of the kind I am. And I am very happy that Vivah has proved that the era is accepting all kinds of cinemas.

amitinfinity asked, Hey Sooraj, Vivah is a nice movie. Though somehow I feel, that the societal change which you showed in the movie, is far fetched. In India, the distorted traditions (like dowry etc) are rampant. And your movie had a very simple theme. Too hard to believe.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, I feel it is very important to show hope atleast someone will feel that what he is doing is wrong.

Ankit asked, Hello Mr. Sooraj, I havent watched Vivah yet, But my wife has and she really appreciated the movie especially the way you have picturised movie with lot of emotional sentiments and Indian sanskars. My wife also mentioned that few minutes of movie was shot on Ghaziabad streets. I am also from Ghaziabad.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Please thank your wife. The beginning of the film is in Ghaziabad, specially the Ghantaghar.

movies asked, Hello Soorajji.. How r u?? I m sorry to say but "Vivah" is real pathetic movie.. The music is horrible.. Its not the standards of Barjatya's.. U hv come up with such memorable movies with lovely music.. What has happened now?? Why is the quality going down?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, How I wish you would have liked....Will try and improve next time.

jay asked, Mr. Barjatya, You are one of the very few directors in bollywood who really knows what a family movie is how you can portray Indian culture in movies. Congratulation on a good movie again and keep up with the good work!!!
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Its always easier to make a film when you have lived that kind of life. We are 13 people staying together in one family.

Akshay asked, VEETRAGAY NAMAH Sooraji, I liked every movie you made except MPKDH...please keep doing these kind of movies, but may be each that we dont have to wait for long time.
Sooraj Barjatya answers, The writing of such films takes nearly a year since we dont have much dramatic plottings. One each year will be a miracle.

Rudias asked, Do u ever watch ur own films?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Generally no because with each film a part of the life gets away into nostalgia.

abhay asked, the general view is that vivah was huge flop Sir where did u think the movie went wrong
Sooraj Barjatya answers, The film is a huge success and getting better day by day. I am very happy that our convictions in values have been strengthened.

Gaurav1 asked, Hey Suraj please take amrita in your next film also. She did a great job in Vivah. Do you have any plans like this
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Would love to work with her again. She gave me everything that an artist can contribute.

viraj asked, sir what is the difference between vivaah and your other films and why should i go watch it?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Vivah is my most real film. It doesnt have the huge sets, functions and costumes that one sees in my films. You will appreciate the middle class living potrayed in Vivah.

prrem asked, You made Modern Ramayan in HSSH. Is modern day Mahabharat next?
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Ramayan has ideals which are necessary for today's times. Mahabharat has to be very carefully planned since it is very dramatic.

bhargav asked, Hi this is bhargav from California, Mr Barjatya, can u please make a move related to relationship after marriage (a happy one , no sad stories) please.. I am waiting for it. Iam sure by these subjects the will be less divorce and more happy marriage life with couples all over the world
Sooraj Barjatya answers, Will surely do so as your wish is so correct.

Nam asked, And I also just wished to add, that I also liked the music for the movie. It was a refreshing change from the harsh beats that one usually hears nowadays, and the lyrics were simple and appropriate and beautiful. Kudos on bringing back melody to movie music!
Sooraj Barjatya answers, So happy that you have liked the music. I have always worked on the music as per the story and never took a tune which seems to be popular.

Sooraj Barjatya says, Thank you for sharing your views on Vivah. It is a very simple film and I am sure it will make us feel loved and pure. Good bye.

Photographs: Reuben NV

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