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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » Foreign press misses Anil Kapoor in MI4

Foreign press misses Anil Kapoor in MI4

Last updated on: December 19, 2011 16:48 IST

Foreign press misses Anil Kapoor in MI4

Anil Kapoor might be still grinning about his big Hollywood film, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but the foreign press seems to have missed him completely.

Most major reviews -- in The New York Times, Rolling Stones and E Online -- have not even mentioned the Indian actor.

The review that did mention him, actually was taking a dig at him.

Dan Kois, senior editor at Slate Magazine, wrote: 'The most enjoyable performance in the film is given by filmdom's reigning king of heroic self-regard, Anil Kapoor, last seen in Slumdog Millionaire-or, more accurately, last seen rushing the stage upon the occasion of Slumdog Millionaire's Oscar win.'

Scott Mendelson's review on Huffington Post just mentioned Kapoor's name, in reference to the film's leading lady Paula Patton. 'Paula Patton gets the weakest share of the pie, as she is saddled with a needless "crisis of confidence" back-story and then briefly sidelined during the climax so that (Jeremy) Renner can step in and help save the day (and her third-act scenes of sloppily attempting to seduce Anil Kapoor are almost discomforting).'

Whether or not Anil Kapoor made an impact overseas or not, the actor is sure happy to be a part of a Tom Cruise movie!

What did you think of Anil Kapoor in the film?

Image: Anil Kapoor in MI4