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'Our rivals won't win'

By Vickey Lalwani
April 03, 2003 18:32 IST
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A recent article in a Mumbai movie magazine claimed composer Shravan tried to sever ties with his partner Nadeem for a while, but failed due to pressure.Shravan [standing] and Nadeem

A disturbed Shravan called a media meet on April 2 and said, "Nadeem and I are two bodies but one soul. Nobody can separate us. I am extremely disturbed over this article. I called up the editor but he gave me a wishy-washy reply saying he would like to speak to Nadeem about it."

"Nadeem has been given a reprieve by the London court [he was an accused in the Gulshan Kumar murder case]. A few legal formalities need to be sorted out before he returns to India. He is expected back in six months. Despite being away from each other, we still work together. In fact, the seeds of most of the songs are sown in his brain. Then, we tune with each other on the phone. We complete a song on the phone in 30 minutes flat. Thereafter, my team of musicians and I work on it. Without each other, we would be incomplete. Please understand we are a team. In fact, we are the best team in the sense of the spirit [involved]. We have never disclosed the details of who does what work on a particular song," he added.

"The article states that Nadeem-Shravan have given 'a string of flops' in 2002 and that, after a 'modest beginning with Raaz,' their other films have been disasters. Raaz is one of the biggest musical successes of all time," he continued. "Now the music of our film Andaaz has topped the charts. This kind of yellow journalism must stop. The magazine is demeaning the same industry that gives them [their] bread and butter. Nadeem is terribly hurt."

Clenching his fist, he continued, "The article also says producers are deserting us, which implies our assignments have dwindled. In the last few years, we have given musical hits like Dhadkan, Kasoor, Ek Rishtaa, Dil Ka Rishta, Haan... Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya, Dil Hai Tumhara, Jeena Sirf Merre Liye and Raaz to name a few. Besides, we have some great assignments like Qayamat, Yeh Dil, Andaaz, Hungama, Footpath, Sheen, Dil Deke Dekho and Bewafa -- The Unfaithful. We have lots of work."

"The magazine alleges Nadeem fled India. The truth is otherwise. Nadeem was on his summer vacation in London. Both of us take two vacations every year. It is necessary to unwind. It was then that the unfortunate incident occurred. I was holidaying in Rajasthan at the time," he went on to say. "The magazine also alleges Nadeem won the case on a technical point. This is false. He got a thundering victory in the London court, which is one of the most reputed courts in the world."

"I am not ruling out the fact that there may be a lobby working against us," he said. "We have given many fantastic numbers and topped the charts for long periods of time. It is likely jealousy and hatred got the better of some of  our competitors. Our rivals won't win. We will work doubly strong from here on. Our producers are not flustered; they know we have delivered fantastic products in time. We are talking to our lawyers and we are going to file a defamation suit. The Nadeem-Shravan partnership, wherein one is a Hindu and the other is a Muslim, is a classic example of national integration."

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Vickey Lalwani