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This article was first published 12 years ago  » Movies » Review: Green Lantern is a huge let-down

Review: Green Lantern is a huge let-down

By Shaikh Ayaz
June 17, 2011 14:47 IST
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A still from Green LanternShaikh Ayaz says Green Lantern could have been made more imaginatively. Post YOUR reviews here!

The maker of two Bond films, Martin Campbell's Green Lantern is a huge let-down. It is more of a sci-fi thriller of galactic images than a superhero exploits which your 13-year-old kid may enjoy more than you do. The use of 3D looks just accidental and only faintly enhances the experience of watching Ryan Reynolds who appears as Hal Jordan, a test pilot attached with Ferris Aircraft who has experienced the death of his father, an event that would haunt him the rest of his life.

He has his routine world around him; he has his job troubles, a friend who doesn't quite like him and is secretly drawn towards Hal's once-upon-a-time lady love.  In another distant world, which we don't know exists at all, is the evil beast Parallax whose elimination would do earth some good. The saviours, Green Lantern Corps, are pressed into service and when its prime officer, Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison) is wounded, Hal is looked at as a replacement.

There's nothing innovative in Green Lantern that you
may not have seen in films of similar genre. It is monotonous and loud, testing the deepest limits to your decibel levels. While it is good to draw upon the DC Comics and explore its reserves, Campbell squanders the material and the millions. Green is a theme here (green costumes and green rings) and understandably so but after a point you miss the colours. After all, cinema is all about colours, isn't it?

Those are, however, the very minor problems that beset Green Lantern. The film only has action, no story; it has more oomph than performances. And whatever little of a story it has, it is lame and trite. The actors look disinterested and make no effort to make the film come alive. But it would be unfair to lay the blame at their feet. Although Reynolds is a charming presence and looks physically daunting he fails to carry the role. It looks as if he's been burdened with something he cannot haul. Blake Lively as Carol and Peter Sarsgaard as Dr Hector are mere side-shows.

So, what is it that barely saves Green Lantern from falling irretrievably? Let's just say it's a technically accomplished effort, polished and finessed in its action and 3D effects. Only if it was made more imaginatively.

The comic fans may still just try their luck.

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