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Review: Acha Din is a mediocre film

By Paresh C Palicha
July 20, 2015 10:34 IST

Manasi Sharma and Mammootty in Acha DinAcha Din is quite a disappointment as it lacks depth, even though it deals with a serious subject, says Paresh C Palicha

In Acha Din, Mammootty plays Durgaprasad, a migrant labourer from Jharkhand who had migrated to Kerala some 20 years ago because he had married a girl from another caste. 

Directed by G Marthandan, this film does not dwell on the struggles of the labour class but goes off tangent after establishing the main character.

The superstar goes into a superhero mould, diffusing the plans of a terror squad to conduct serial blasts in the city of Ernakulam.

Durgaprasad’s wife Sheetal (Manasi Sharma) is pregnant, and they registered her for delivery in a government hospital. As fate would have it, the doctors in the government hospital go on strike on the day she is to be admitted.

So, she is taken to a private hospital where her condition becomes critical. This hospital charges an exorbitant amount, and he has to pay it within two hours.

While running around for the money, he uncovers a terror plot. He does not go to the police, and decides to take on the terrorists himself.

This is just a superstar film where our hero never lacks confidence or feels vulnerable even after knowing the deadly designs of the terrorists. 

No other actor gets any importance in the film besides Mammootty who is all pervasive and is there in almost every frame in the first half.

In the second half, a police team consisting of Tamil actor Kishore, Sudheer Karamana and others get few moments of screen time.

Acha Din is quite a disappointment as it lacks depth, even though it deals with a serious subject.

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