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'I never thought I would host a show'

June 11, 2008 13:53 IST

Bhojpuri star Ravi Kissen made his first television appearance with Sony Entertainment Television's Bigg Boss. Now, he is back in Zee TV's reality show, Ek Se Badhkar Ek Jalwe Sitaron Ke. The show brings singers and television stars on the same platform, as they compete with each other to win the title.

Kissan, who hosts the show, talks to Rajul Hegde about his experience.

Why this plunge from acting to anchoring a television show?

I never thought I would host a show. When I got the opportunity, I grabbed it. I also hosted Yeh Hai Jalwa on 9X, and according to the channel, the TRPs shot up after I joined. 

After shooting for 365 days as an actor, I wanted a change. I really unwind with the shows. I am happy interacting with new people and new talent. The show is unique because it brings singers and dancers together on one platform.

When the channel approached me, they said they wanted the real Ravi Kissen, not the scripted one. I immediately agreed.

How much reality is there in this show?

Whenever I do something, nobody can dominate me. I have everything -- power, money and fame. I am a very stubborn person; nobody can force me to do anything.

The stars of Ek Se Badhkar Ek Jalwe Sitaron KeHow much of song and dance do you follow?

I love it. I am a trained dancer and a bad singer. I am not Hrithik Roshan but a decent dancer. Normally, I dance for nine or 10 songs in one Bhojpuri film. You can imagine how much I have danced!

Have you done any preparation for this show?

I am going to talk about what I see; I will be spontaneous. I will not pamper or be biased to anyone. I will not abuse or use foul language. I will not be janata ki awaaz.

After seeing you as a Bhojpuri actor, do you think people will accept you in this new avatar?

People accepted me in Bigg Boss. I am a theatre actor, it's been a 19 year journey. People accepted me in the Hindi film, Tere Naam. Bhojpuri films came later. Basically, I am a workaholic. I am doing films with Shyam Benegal, Govinda and Sanjay Dutt. I am doing about eight-nine Hindi films with parallel roles, and television shows to keep myself happy and busy.

Will you continue Bhojpuri films?

I am here because of Bhojpuri films. How can I betray my language and the industry I have created? I got four National Awards and Best Actor awards for my films, which is a big achievement. I might do one or two films in year but will not leave the Bhojpuri industry. If I stop acting in Bhojpuri films, I will be a cheater.

When I started, there was no one else in the Bhojpuri film industry. I have created it. Now I want it to grow like the Telugu and Tamil industry. I want everyone -- from technicians to spot boys -- to earn money. I have finished 75 Bhojpuri films in six years. Out of these, nine are silver jubilees and five golden jubilees.