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Quantico 2: Priyanka is back with a BANG!

By Namrata Thakker
September 27, 2016 13:58 IST
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Priyanka ChopraThe first season had a few loopholes but Quantico Season 2 seems to be the quintessential crime drama with a lot of suspense, confusion and good performances, feels Namrata Thakker.

Priyanka Chopra, who was recently declared the eighth highest paid television actress in the world, courtesy her hit American show Quantico, is back with its second season.

The first episode of Quantico 2 was crisp, engaging and way better than the pilot episode of the first season.

The makers have stuck to the old pattern, where the story is narrated in two different timelines simultaneously. 

The first season ended with Alex Parrish getting an offer to work with the CIA. 

Season 2 kicks off with her joining the training regime for CIA. What she doesn't know is that her boyfriend Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) has also been invited for the training.

Obviously, the two are shocked when they meet at The Farm, which is CIA's mysterious training facility and their home for the next six months.

But though they train for the CIA programme, they are actually FBI agents working undercover.

Yes, you read that right.

New characters are introduced in the show as their colleagues at The Farm.

While Alex has a hard time adjusting to the training programme, Ryan manages to top the class.

For once it's nice to see Alex struggle because you can't always be the hero, right? When she ends up at the bottom of the performance list, she is totally dejected.

In the present timeline, Ryan is working for the President, whereas Alex is just a civilian.

Before attending the G20 Summit in New York, Ryan has a quick meeting with Alex but the duo hardly get to talk and decide to meet after the Summit.

Things turn bad as a group of militants hijack the place where the Summit meeting is happening. At the same time, a few explosions take place and Alex is once again shown in the middle of the bombings.

Priyanka is good with her act. The first episode is all about her and she stands out. But she doesn't look like a CIA agent. 

The first season had a few loopholes but the second one seems to be a quintessential crime drama with a lot of suspense, confusion and good performances.

The first episode moves at an alarmingly fast pace.

The writers have done a fine job of weaving an engaging story because at no point can you leave your chair or change the channel.

Tracy Ifeachor, a new addition to the cast, is brilliant with in the first episode. She plays Lydia and her role has a wicked twist.

Some of the characters from the first season are hardly given any screen time, which is a let down.

Also, Alex and Ryan's romantic angle should be left untouched for a while because there is nothing new happening there. It's the same old stuff, they love each other but end up fighting most of the time.

Overall, the first episode of Quantico was quite an interesting watch. If the makers continue to keep the story tight, then Quantico season 2 may just outdo the first season.

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Namrata Thakker / in mumbai