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Neha Dhupia: As single as single can get

July 01, 2005 15:50 IST

Neha DhupiaNeha Dhupia chatted exclusively with readers on June 29. For those who missed it, here's the second part of the chat transcipt.

Don't miss the first part!

samkk : which is the movie you are looking forward to? is it siskiyan? have heard you have a deglamourised role
Neha Dhupia : Yes you are absolutely right that I am looking forward to it and it is deglamourised.

netwit : neha can you tell me why most of the Miss india and miss world choose the film industry as a profession ?
Neha Dhupia : Its just a forward progression and everybody just chooses this path.

Babul : One last question, are you single? This if of course is not for my knowledge, just a general get-to-know-you question ;-) Take care...
Neha Dhupia : I am as single as single can get!!

Akhilesh : Neha what do you make feel proud about INDIA???
Neha Dhupia : The culture and the warmth our country has....I am indeed proud to be an Indian.

narayan_l_k : Here is a funny query: Whose fingers are typing on the keyboard? If it is really Neha, then we can afford to wait for a reply with patience!
Neha Dhupia : Of course its me Neha.

aman : hi neha how are you please tell whether you bor from this Industry or you are enjoying in this industry
Neha Dhupia : I am enjoying every day of being in the film industry and have no regrets at all.

Cooldude : Hi Neha, do u enjoy being mobbed in the streets? How does it feel?
Neha Dhupia : I dont enjoy it but it is very flattering when people recognise and acknowledge you.

Welhamite : neha....what do you belive is the shortest route to success?
Neha Dhupia : There are no shortcuts to success. You have to believe in yourself, and never give up.

PANNA LAL DAS : plz giv ur phoneno. i promise not to tell anyone, if i fail to abide myself by this promise, u sall never talk to me again
Neha Dhupia : 911..its toll free..:))

sunirmal : what is your best actor?
Neha Dhupia : Shahrukh Khan.

bjsnz : Hi Neha, What really attracts you in a man?
Neha Dhupia : His wisdom.

Cooldude : Would you like to be born again as an actor?
Neha Dhupia : Yes very much.

Ella : What is the most difficult thing about being an actress?
Neha Dhupia : I guess its the one-hour sitting you go through everyday towards looking beautiful, by that I mean make-up.

Neha Dhupia : Yes I do.

Neha DhupiaMasterOfDomain : Where did you finish your schooling from? I have heard from some of my friends, Army public school, Delhi. Is that true?
Neha Dhupia : Yes I am very much from Delhi and from the Army Public School.

SachinP : I am 25. Will you marry me ?
Neha Dhupia : Sure.

vishy : neha not a single Q of mine answered can u asnwer that girls one please?
Neha Dhupia : Yes Vishy, please send your question.

vinodkarkera : any offer frm hollywood
Neha Dhupia : Not as of now.

buntyk7bubbly : neha g i am repeating it again ,do u want to take part in "kaun banega bubbly" would u like to contest ?????????
Neha Dhupia : Whats that? : are you in favour of item numbers
Neha Dhupia : I think for the right item number you need a great song and it has to be shot really really well.

Anand : Neha, which one of the two you enjoy most, Being an Actress or Being a Model?
Neha Dhupia : Being an actress for sure, because a good day at work as an actress is far more nourishing than a good day at work as a model.

wannadateU : hey there no time for my ques huh : posting it again : hey neha, i know this question may sag a bit as u must have been asked this by a million people!! but anyways I am still not gonna give up: I WANNA TAKE YOU OUT ON A DATE ..... just dont say yes and let it go: act on it :)
Neha Dhupia : When and Where?

chetan : how good were you at solving math problems in school?
Neha Dhupia : Very bad. I am quite convinced I have numberphobia.

h : do u miss modelling
Neha Dhupia : Yes I do, but I still look forward to work everyday as an actress.

narayan_l_k : Hello Neha, Going by your replies, you sure have a VERY GOOD HUMOUR QUOTIENT! Do you think your humour is one of your plus points?
Neha Dhupia : I dont know if its one of my plus points, but I am always looking forward to it in life.

hari : do u like studying history
Neha Dhupia : Yes I enjoyed every bit of it.

Neha Dhupiavishy : Neha jee when can i see you in Europe
Neha Dhupia : Next month.

heman : Neha, what do you do for timepass?? or do you get any time at all for that?
Neha Dhupia : I dont think there is anything called timepass. But its always about making the most of the spare time you have by doing things you enjoy.And I spend a lot of time reading, watching movies, and working out.

attreyakapil : Do u believe in flirting?
Neha Dhupia : Like they say its supposed to be healthy and I am a health freak..:-)

fanofneha : which style of clothing do you like to wear
Neha Dhupia : Extremely comfortable.

quotehari : probably the 10th time i am asking this q.....ANSWER PLEASE I am planning to make Charlie's Angels in Hindi....with you, Mallika Sherawat and Bipasha Basu, Charlie will be the Big B. U think it will work???? Or what cast do u suggest????? and, I am planning to make Charlie's Angels in Hindi....with you, Mallika Sherawat and Bipasha Basu, Charlie will be the Big B. U think it will work???? Or what cast do u suggest?????
Neha Dhupia : hahahaah.

excelcareers : what do you like in food to eat..are you veggie and non veg
Neha Dhupia : I really enjoy eating food thats light on the stomach. And I guess thats one of the hazards of our profession that you can't eat everything that you like.

Neha Dhupia : This is Neha Dhupia saying good bye. It was nice chatting to you. Thank you.

Photographs: Jewella C Miranda