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'Shyam Singha Roy was special'

February 11, 2022 20:24 IST
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'The script of Shyam Singha Roy was so mainstream and yet so unique.'
'I could visualise what a spectacular experience it would be on the big screen, and I am glad it came true.'

IMAGE: Nani in Shyam Singha Roy.

With back-to-back blockbusters Tuck Jagadish and Shyam Singha Roy in 2021, Nani is being seen as one of the front-runners at the Telugu box office.

"The script was the king here," Nani tells Subhash K Jha, speaking about Shyam Singha Roy's spectacular performance.

"The way the script was written and the way it was narrated to me, I really enjoyed it. I could visualise what a spectacular experience it would be on the big screen, and I am glad it came true."

Nani did not let the pandemic dampen his spirits.

"I never let it come in the way of my decisions regarding which films to do or not. I've been working non-stop through the pandemic. Shyam Singha Roy finished its run in the movie theatres, and then went to Netflix so that everyone who didn't get to watch it in theatres, saw it on Netflix. I am happy to have success in both theatres and on Netflix. I couldn't have asked for more."

IMAGE: Sai Pallavi and Nani in Shyam Singha Roy.

At this juncture in his career, what is Nani looking for in his projects?

"Just the excitement of being in something that I haven't done before," he says.

"The script of Shyam Singha Roy was so mainstream and yet so unique and so subtle. What am I looking for? I want to tell great stories, explore new content. I am curious to know how the audience responds to my films and performances."

The actor admits it wasn't easy making Shyam Singha Roy through the pandemic.

"It was a challenge for the entire team. There was medical assistance on the sets, checking junior artistes, every lightman, every member of the team. It was a challenge for all of us to wear masks constantly and to work under such tough conditions," he recalls.

"But then, when you are working hard to create something as special as Shyam Singha Roy, you tend to forget the challenges. Many film crews faced these challenges during the pandemic. Life has to go on. There is no other option. We can't really stop working and sit at home, can we?"


IMAGE: Nani and Swathi Reddy in his debut film Ashta Chamma.

At the top of the game for 14 years, how does Nani look back at his journey as an actor so far?

"I am filled with happiness and gratitude. I never thought I'd come this far. There are quite a lot of memorable roles but if I have to pick a few...obviously, the first film Ashta Chamma. My journey started from there.

"Then there are Pilla Zamindar and Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu. Rajamouli's Eega was very special. Yevadi Subramaniam... all these are very special to me. I am very happy where I am. I will keep searching for great content in other languages.

"Not that I've anything against doing a Hindi film -- if something interesting comes along, why not? But I am very happy doing Telugu and Tamil films."

IMAGE: Nani in Ante Sundaraniki.

One of Nani's finest films Jersey has been remade in Hindi.

"The whole idea of a Hindi remake started with Shahid Kapoor loving the original and the original director directing. It all happened when we were getting love for Jersey from all corners. I am very very excited to see how Shahid has done the part. The Jersey role is very close to my heart. Shahid is a great actor. I am sure they have done a super job."

If Shyam Singha Roy were to be remade in Hindi, whom would Nani like to see in the title role?

"There are quite a few options. I think Hrithik would be great, Ranbir would be great, Shahid too."

Nani's next release is Ante Sundaraniki.

"It is a laugh riot and it will release this summer. I start shooting my next film Dasara in a month's time."

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