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Meet BFF Rakshit and Rishab Shetty!

By Praveen S
January 27, 2016 10:28 IST
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Rakshit and Rishabh Shetty

Rishab Shetty’s latest release Ricky saw Rakshit play the title role. Incidentally, Rakshit had directed Rishab in Ulidavaru Kandanthe earlier.

Rakshit recollected his struggling days and how Rishab had been a supportive friend.

'In 2012, around the same time, our debut film Tuglak had released. I had worked really hard for it - 2 years of my sincere effort. The film dint get a good opening but Rishab and me would go and watch every show at Tribhuvan. We would interact with the audience hoping to get a positive feedback and also hoping that from the next show, the film would pick up,' Rakshit posted on Facebook.

'A week later we realised that there wasn't much hope and that the film would be out of theaters the next day...'

'Disappointed we left back to my rented house in Jayanagar on Rishab's TVS Victor. Rishab was riding the bike and I was riding pillion. On our way, he told me a story. He had titled it 'Ricky'. I found it very interesting and he promised me that someday, if he gets a chance to make that movie, that he would cast me in the lead role. I found hope there. There was still someone who believed that I could be an actor and play a lead role.'

'We knew each other for a long time, even before Tuglak but it's failure at the box office made us best of pals. Later we worked together on many short films.'

'Those were days I couldn't afford a single meal as I had no income and Rishab, was back to his day job in the construction business. He would pay the bills for all the breakfasts, lunch or dinner we had together and mind you, we were together almost all the time.'

'It's been 4 years now and the same story which lent a foundation to our friendship is getting screened today. We are riding back towards KG Road on the same bike from Jayanagar to watch the first screening. Wish us good luck.'


Nikhil Kumaraswamy celebrates birthday in Mysore

Nikhil Kumaraswamy

HD Kumaraswamy's son Nikhil, who will make his debut in Jaguar, celebrated his birthday recently in Mysore, where he has been shooting at the Infosys campus.

This is the first time that a film shooting has been allowed at the Mysore Infosys campus.

HD Kumaraswamy is said to have acquired special permission from Narayanamurthy and the board of directors for the shoot, that too free of cost!

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