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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Movies » Mahima Chaudhry Recovers From Breast Cancer

Mahima Chaudhry Recovers From Breast Cancer

By Rediff Movies
June 09, 2022 14:12 IST
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Photograph: Kind courtesy Anupam Kher/Instagram

Mahima Chaudhry revealed she had breast cancer in a story she shared on Instagram.

In a video shot by Anupam Kher, the actor shared details of her cancer experience, and that she 'is fine and totally recovered' now.

Kher posted the video and wrote, 'Story of @mahimachaudhry1's courage and Cancer:

'I called #MahimaChaudhry a month back from the US to play a very important role in my 525th film #TheSignature.

'Our conversation turned to her discovering that she has #BreastCancer.

'What followed is in this candid conversation between us. Her attitude will give hope to so many women all over the world. She wanted me to be part of her disclosing about it. She calls me an eternal optimist but dearest Mahima!

'"You are my HERO!" Friends! Send her your love, warmth, wishes, prayers and blessings. She is BACK on sets where she belongs. She is ready to fly. All those producers/directors out there! Here is your opportunity to tap on her brilliance! Jai ho to her!!'


In the video, Mahima stated she discovered the cancer during an annual medical check-up and that she did not have any symptoms before that.

It was diagnosed at an early stage, and when the doctor asked her to get chemotherapy, she started crying.

'And my sister was like 'it's treatable.' She was like 'why are you behaving like a 17th century woman?' But then you are just so terrified of the word cancer, which is why I didn't share it with my parents at first, because they are so vulnerable,' she said in the video.

Mahima said her condition made her cry a lot, but an encounter with a boy, who was also undergoing chemotherapy, helped her and changed her attitude.

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