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Beckham's Rebecca turns novelist

October 29, 2004 14:48 IST

David BeckhamThe British press was all set for a field day after Rebecca Loos announced she was writing her first book.

It was eagerly anticipated that Ms Loos, infamous and highly newsworthy for her alleged liasons with footballer David Beckham, was going to write yet another gossipy celebrity tell-all, but The Sun reports she is not interesting in exposing any more steamy details.

Instead, the former PA is working on what she calls a Bridget Jones's Diary style novel. quoted her as saying, 'I am going to write a book. Not about the whole David thing; not about me at all, actually.'

Groan, went the British tabloids in unison.

Rebecca LoosShe continued, 'It will be a fictional, diary style, Bridget Jones sort of thing -- only much sexier. I've always loved writing. My grandfather was a writer and I've had the idea for a while. I'm in the position to do it now so I really want to get on and do it.

'I think it gives me a chance to really surprise everyone. I wanted to keep it a secret until it was all signed and sealed but there you go.'

British book critics, however, will wish Rebecca had held on to that secret.

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