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'Payal is fake, Sambhavna is disturbed'

September 15, 2008 12:45 IST

Ketki Dave is the newest housemate to be evicted from Bigg Boss 2. The actress, best known for her stint in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, was nominated for various reasons. Raja Chaudhary claimed he nominated her because she dominated the kitchen while Rahul Mahajan claimed that he did not like her cooking.

Rajul Hegde asked Ketki about her Bigg Boss experience, and future plans.

You're out of Bigg Boss. How does it feel?

I feel fresh and free to do whatever I want to. I don't have to bother about whether someone likes it or not (laughs).

Aren't you surprised that you lost out to Alina Wadiwalla , Zulfi Syed and Payal Rohatgi, the other housemates, who were also nominated, and who are less popular than you?

Yes, I am more popular than those, who were nominated with me. But I was prepared for the eviction. Just after the nomination, I started telling everyone in the house that I was missing my family. People understood that I was missing my children so they must have voted me out. I will take it in a positive way.

What made you take part in this show?

I took part in this show is because it's a huge challenge to be away from family and there is absolutely no communication with them. I also wanted to check my patience because it is not like we sit and give orders at home. I was patient throughout and I didn't get involved in the politics in the house. Only once did I have an argument with Raja because I couldn't contain myself.

How was your experience?

The four weeks when I was locked inside the Bigg Boss house was interesting, and not bad at all. You will get to see more back-biting and scheming among the housemates in the coming episodes. I am glad that I got out before it turns bitter because that is not my cup of tea.

Was the bonding in the house real or fake?

When we stay in a house together, we try to avoid people with whom we don't get along. Housemates try to get close to each other only because they fear that they may get evicted. Only Debojit and I were not artificial (laughs).

Who do you think was fake and playing games?

Everyone knows that Payal is fake. It was a surprise, that she nominated me.

She is always conscious of the camera and tries to put on a next-door kind of image. I asked her that if she is trying to wear a next-door image, why does she wear a bikini and hot clothes? She told me that she wants to do some good films after getting out of Bigg Boss. So maybe she was trying make a good impression to producers and directors. Once she was nominated, she wanted people to see the real Payal so she started taking massages.

What about Sambhavna?

(Laughs) Sambhavna is a highly disturbed and confused girl. She is insecure about being nominated and evicted. She was trying to find different techniques to be secure like bitching, crying and romancing. How much she will be able to convince the viewers, I really don't know.

Who was not fake at all?

Debojit is neutral and very nice. The poor guy doesn't understand the politics around him. I feel either Debojit or Ashutosh will win. Rahul is a manipulator and I am confident that he will not win.

Would you like to go back to the Bigg Boss house as a wildcard entry?

I don't think the channel or the production house will want me to go back to the house. Rakhi Sawant and Kashmira Shah were brought in as wild card in Bigg Boss 1 because they could play games. That is the part of the show but it's not for me.

Did you make any friends?

Everyone was artificial. Yes, I am in touch with Sanjay Nirupamji. I spoke to him after coming out. He has good knowledge about world affairs. I didn't communicate with Monica Bedi, other than listen to her stories. I don't think I can be friends with her. I will definitely be in touch with Debojit after he comes out of the house.

What next?

I want to do different kinds of roles. I am busy with my Gujarati plays and would like to more shows. It will take me at least a week to return to routine. I want to relax at home. I may do a show for Zee TV but nothing is finalised yet.