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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Movies » 'I want to keep doing comedy'

'I want to keep doing comedy'

By Patcy N
Last updated on: May 16, 2017 18:09 IST
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"I have not heard Kangana's comments. Did she speak on some news channel?"
"On Karan Johar's show."
"Karan Johar ka koi show hai?"
Irrfan Khan, who will be seen in Hindi Medium next, on why 'just doing one comedy is not satisfying.'

IMAGE: Irrfan Khan.

It's usually a pleasure to interview Irrfan Khan. He's intelligent, sharp and has a quirky sense of humour.

The actor probably had a rough day promoting his new film Hindi Medium, which is probably why he kept fidgeting with his phone and seemed distracted throughout Patcy N/'s interaction with him.

As a parent, your take on the education system.

Education should be there to explore your personality, to show the possibilities of your personality and help you to expand.

Education should be more practical, rather than theoretical.

Extra-curricular activities must be a subject. A few schools do have that, but not many.

I would not like my kids to get educated for the purpose of getting a job.

They should be educated to explore themselves.

You home tutored your sons, right?

No. I felt he (one of his sons) should be home for another year and focus on his studies.

So one particular year, he did not go to school. That year, he was home educated.

Why did you feel he should study at home?

Because he was distracted by his friends.

All his friends would participate in extra-curricular activities. At the same time, they were covering their studies.

My son could not do so. That's why I decided to keep him home, so that he would be disciplined.

He felt bad, but now, he understands.

What was your own school experience like?

I studied in a convent school. We did not have much sports and games, so I missed that part.

I played only after my schooling got over.


IMAGE: Saba Qamar and Irrfan Khan.

The Hindi Medium trailer gives a lot of importance to English. Do you think the language is important in India?

English is an international language.

If you want to expand and interact outside India, English is necessary.

Even in India, all the states don't have same language. English becomes a common language.

Having said that, I feel you should be confident about our languages too.

Hindi Medium is an issue-based film, but we haven't tried to give any kind of message.

Did you want to do a comedy?

I want to keep doing comedy films like Piku, Hindi Medium and Life... In A Metro. Just doing one comedy is not satisfying.


IMAGE: Saba Qamar and Irrfan Khan in Hindi Medium.

Were you instrumental in getting Pakistani actress Saba Qamar to act in Hindi Medium?

Yes. We approached a lot of actresses here, but there were a lot of issues, like dates and other stuff.

We wanted a chatpatti girl, with a sense of humour, who would be glamorous, but at the same time, look like a housewife. That combination was unique.

We saw a video of Saba and liked it. She doesn't like that video though.

We showed it to all the people connected with the film. They liked it and got her on board.

Pakistani actors have been facing problems in India. Are you worried?

When we planned this film, this issue was not there at all. I don't think there will be any problem.

You do international films. Do you think artists should have barriers?

I have not created these barriers, so what can I say about them? Ask the people who started it.


VIDEO: Irrfan Khan on Hindi Medium. Video: Hitesh Harisinghani/

As an outsider in Bollywood, how difficult was it for you to make a mark here? 

If you are a star son, people already know you and you can get a break easily.

But it is just about getting the break. After that, you can sustain yourself in this industry only through your capabilities.

Outsiders have to work harder.

What about Kangana Ranaut's views on nepotism?

I have not heard her comments, so it is not right for me to comment on it.

Did she speak on some news channel?

No, she said it on Karan Johar's show.

Karan Johar ka koi show hai?

Yes, Koffee With Karan.

Correct, correct. Koffee With Karan, right?

I will watch the show and let you know.

IMAGE: Irrfan Khan in Hindi Medium.

You did a Web series, Tokyo Trial.

That's complete and available on Netflix. You must watch it.

It is about the Tokyo trials, which happened after World War II.

A judge, Mr Pal, represented India. I play his character. It was a very new and interesting subject for me.

Will you be going to Cannes this year?

I want to go, but don't have time.

I am shooting and promoting my films continuously. I am not free till July.

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Patcy N / in Mumbai