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This article was first published 3 years ago  » Movies » Bigg Boss 14: Why is Kavita SO ANGRY?

Bigg Boss 14: Why is Kavita SO ANGRY?

October 30, 2020 13:28 IST
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Eijaz Khan is the new captain on Bigg Boss 14 and with that his friendship with Kavita Kaushik seems to have gone kaput.

Thursday's episode resumes with the captaincy task called World Tour.

Since Nikki Tamboli had taken away Abhinav Shukla's bag, sanchalak Naina Singh announces that she is disqualified from the task.

This leads to a heated argument between Eijaz Khan and Naina.

When Khan shows aggression, Nishant Malkhani jumps in to save Naina.

Bigg Boss intervenes and tells Naina that she cannot make her own rules as a sanchalak.

Everyone goes back to their positions and continues the task.

Pavitra snatches away Shardul Pandit's bag and latter helps Rahul Vaidya to take away Abhinav's bag.

With that, the task ends.

Pavitra gets upset as someone had passed a comment regarding her upbringing during the task.

When she vents out her anger at the Green Zone contestants, Shardul tries to calm her down.

Later, Rahul apologises to Jaan Kumar Sanu for his nepotism comment and says he had no clue that his parents had separated.

Jaan accepts his apology.

Jasmin Bhasin confides to Rubina Dilaik that she’s been feeling low for a while now.

In the living area, when Bigg Boss asks Naina about the captaincy task, she says only Eijaz’s bag is not in the Red Zone, making him the clear winner and the new captain.

Kavita Kaushik later asks Eijaz what's brewing between him and Pavitra.

Eijaz says he is not interested in anything except friendship.

Late at night, Kavita suddenly gets angry when Eijaz continuously pokes her regarding her duty. She loses her cool and starts yelling at him.

During their fight, Kavita blames Eijaz for using her in the game and reveals that they aren't even good friends as he claims.

The whole drama goes on for a while and everyone else in the house is surprised, especially Pavitra.

When Kavita states that everyone in the Green Zone hates her because of Eijaz, Pavitra loses her calm as well.

She says that Kavita is two-faced as she herself confessed she found the Green Zone contestants boring.

Kavita discusses Eijaz, and that’s when Pavitra stands for him and gives it right back to Kavita.


The next morning, Naina asks Shardul and Kavita to patch up and they do.

Kavita is upset with the fact that she got carried away with her emotions and supported Eijaz.

She tells Abhinav that she should have researched about him before coming in the Bigg Boss house.

Abhinav states that he knows Eijaz from before and that the way he is behaving in the game is not his true personality.

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss makes a surprising announcement.

The Red Zone contestants are given a chance to save themselves by swapping places with Green Zone contestants.

Nikki, Pavitra, Rahul and Jaan have to choose someone from the Green Zone.

They will then argue with their respective opposing housemate as to why they belong in the Green Zone instead of them.

The opposing housemate will get a chance to make his or her case.

If Eijaz agrees with the Red Zone contestant, the swapping will take place.

Nikki is the first one to go and she targets Kavita. Eijaz supports Nikki, and they swap places.

Nikki is happy to back in the Green Zone whereas Kavita makes her way to the Red Zone.

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