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Bigg Boss 13: Should Devoleena become queen? VOTE!

October 09, 2019 13:14 IST
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With no eviction in the first week of Bigg Boss 13, Week 2 started on a slow note.

Day 8 kicked off with celebs waking up to a popular Salman Khan number.

Paras Chhabra, who has been bonding with Shehnaaz Gill, opens up about his girlfriend.

He tells Dalljiet Kaur and a few others that his relationship isn’t going well, and that he had tried to end it before entering Bigg Boss.

He reveals that his fondness for Shehnaaz is real and it’s getting stronger everyday.

But he does not like the fact that Shehnaaz is jealous of his friendship with housemate Mahira Sharma.


Later in the day, Bigg Boss starts the nomination task of the week.

Every time a buzzer rings, two female and a male contestant is called to the garden area for the dreaded activity. The women have to convince the male contestant why they should be saved from the nomination instead of the other.

Shehnaaz, Mahira and Paras are the first ones to do the task.

Despite his love angle with Shehnaaz, Paras puts her in the nomination zone.

This upsets Shehnaaz, and leaves her in tears.

Paras gets emotional too.


Siddharth Shukla saves Arti Singh and nominates Rashami Desai.

Asim Riaz and Abhi Malik save Devoleena Bhattacharjee and nominate Koena Mitra.

Koena stomps off angrily and calls Asim 'ungrateful'.

Siddhartha Dey saves his good friend Shefali Bagga and nominates Dalljiet Kaur.

After the nomination task, Dalljiet gathers everyone in the living room and tells them to never talk about her son inside the house. She is angry as Dey spoke about the little boy while nominating her.

Day 9 turns out to be even more explosive as fights erupt between the housemates.

In the morning, Devoleena gets angry as the contestants don’t come together for breakfast. She is tired of being in the kitchen all the time and vents her frustration. Rashami calms her down.

During the lunch time, Siddharth tells Devoleena that roti and rice should be made everyday for lunch and dinner.

Devoleena tries to make him understand that the rashan will not last the entire week if they cook both items everyday.

But Shukla is adamant, and Asim sides with him.

When Shehnaaz, who is in charge of the rashan, tells Devoleena to cook rice only, the latter reiterates saying that she should be present in the kitchen when everyone is making their demands about food.

Mahira gets angry when she learns that Shehnaaz was imitating her in the living area.

Things heat up when Mahira taunts her.

Siddharth joins the argument and soon everything spirals into a big fight.

Devoleena fights with Siddharth and Shehnaaz when they ask her why she makes big parathas.

Siddharth loses his cool with Rashami.

Koena, who witnessing the scenario, jumps in to defend Rashami and Devoleena.

Paras pulls up Asim for not cleaning the bathroom area properly.

Soon everyone joins in and the fight gets bigger.

Later, Siddharth tells Paras and a few others that the female contestants are trying hard to get noticed as Salman Khan had reprimanded them for not doing much in the first week. But he feels they are going in the wrong direction.


After all the drama, Bigg Boss announces the next task of choosing the first queen of this season.

The task is called Rani Number 1 and the female contestants have to be locked inside a fort with the boys guarding them.

Every time a buzzer goes off, the boys have to snatch a key and release a queen of their choice. That queen will then break a pot of her choice, which has another queen’s name written on it. That girl will then be out of the race to become the next queen of the Bigg Boss house.

As soon as the buzzer rings, Siddharth snatches the key. Devoleena tries to persuade him and succeeds. She gets released from the fort and breaks Shefali’s pot.

Next, Paras gets the key and instead of releasing Shehnaaz, he helps Dalljiet. She breaks Shehnaaz’s pot.

Again, Shehnaaz is hurt by Paras and confides in Shefali.

She yells at Paras for not considering Shehnaaz, making Paras angry. He tells her not to instigate Shehnaaz against him.

The task ends for the day and the lights go off.

With Shefali and Shehnaaz out of the race, who do you think will become the first queen of Bigg Boss 13? VOTE!

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