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Bigg Boss 11: Who will get evicted? PREDICT!

December 20, 2017 14:44 IST

Will Shilpa Shinde or Luv Tyagi exit?

Viewers were stunned when the much liked Hiten Tejwani was evicted last week from Bigg Boss 11.

Growing insecurity forced the housemates to break a very important rule of the house -- discussing nominations.

The contestants try to outsmart Bigg Boss by discussing nominations in code language.


Bigg Boss is not one to be fooled and twists the game further by screening videos of the housemates discussing each other's nominations.

Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan, Puneesh Sharma, Luv Tyagi, Akash Dadlani and Priyank Sharma are nominated by Bigg Boss as punishment for breaking the house rules.

Who will be evicted this week?

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