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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Movies » Bigg Boss 10: Toofani trouble in the house

Bigg Boss 10: Toofani trouble in the house

By Divya Nair
December 28, 2016 14:40 IST
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Swami Om once ends up tricking people, sighs Divya Nair.


  • New captaincy task announced.
  • Swami Om plays spoilsport.
  • Bani-Lopa fight.

Who's garam


After her interaction with bestie Gauahar Khan last week, Bani seems to be sorted more than ever.

Or at least her tantrums have reduced.

Even when Swami Om tried to offer her an apology through Gaurav and Rohan, Bani took the bluffmaster's trick with enough salt and refused to interact with him.

In the Igloo task for captaincy, Swami Om tried to instigate Bani, fully aware that she'd react. But Bani didn't once lose her cool; instead she just warned the senior citizen to stay away from her.

Great progress, Bani!

IMAGE: 'Mujhe kisi ne haath lagay toh dekh lena.' Gaurav's not-so-subtle warning to Swami Om.


Gaurav was seen giving takkar to Swami Om in the Igloo task.

Wow! Where did you find this newfound confidence from?

Had you taken strong stands earlier and spoken your mind more often, perhaps you'd have won more fans much earlier in the game.

Having said that, it was wrong of you to get down to Swami's level and block the igloo's entrance.

VIDEO: Gaurav-Swami Om, Lopa-Bani, Manveer-Rohan and Lopa get into a verbal spat.

Swami Om

This man never positively participates in a task and doesn't let anyone else finish the task either.

Yet, somehow he ends up becoming the sole focus of the task.

When everyone else was busy in the task, the bluffmaster cunningly planted a stool near the entrance so he could be privileged to enter the igloo and also win the task.

Although everyone knew he was violating the game, his strategy distracted everyone from the task and join him in blocking the entrance.

Also, he made villains out of Manu and Manveer for speaking against him, so much so that at one point, the rest of the housemates were fighting among themselves while this man continued to guard the entrance.

Who's thanda


Manu is consistently proving that he cares for no one in the house.

He has already staked his friendship with Mona by calling her his weakness.

He was least sorry that Mona was left behind in the task.

Next, he tries to play good boy by faking his affection for Nitibha when she ended up entering the igloo last.

Manu, you think Bigg Boss is a fool to not read your bluff?

Even Swami Om noticed how you pushed ahead of Nitibha to enter the dome.

If you really cared, you should have blocked Swami om and stayed out too.

IMAGE: 'Main toh roadside hoon, tu kya hai be!' Bani asks Lopa after she blames her for getting hurt.


Lopa swings between playing mature and irresponsible in the same episode.

Just because she is not on good terms with Bani and got hurt while entering the igloo, she blamed the reality star.

What's wrong with you? You were sensible when you said you won't jail bluffmaster Baba because he was not co-operating in the game.

And then a few minutes later, you do this.

Lopa, you shouldn't let your personal biases colour your judgement.

Do you know how derogative it is to use the term 'roadside log' for Bani. #shame!

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