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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Movies » Bigg Boss 10: Manveer-Nitibha, new love birds?

Bigg Boss 10: Manveer-Nitibha, new love birds?

By Divya Nair
December 13, 2016 18:26 IST
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After Manu-Mona, Gaurav-Bani and Bani-Jason, Manveer's friendship with Nitibha is the new talking point of the house.
Will this season break records for maximum gossip, asks Divya Nair.


Swami Om wins immunity for two weeks.

Jason won't return to Bigg Boss.

Manu joins Priyanka in the secret room.

Rahul, Manveer, Bani, Lopa and Nitibha are nominated.

What's garam

It seems the makers of Bigg Boss are in no mood to let go of Bluffmaster Baba.

As if his so-called fans and followers voting for him outside the house weren't enough to save him, Bigg Boss offered him two weeks of immunity at the cost of Rs 10 lakh being deducted from the total prize money.

Earlier, Nitibha had reduced the prize money by half for two weeks of immunity, now it is Baba's turn to do further damage.

This season will easily go down in history for the least amount of prize money won -- from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 15 lakh.

VIDEO: Swami Om cries for Priyanka Jagga. Lopa teases Nitibha-Manveer.

For the nominations, Bigg Boss had sent inflated balloons to all the contestants with a pin to burst them.

Five alarm bells would go off and one balloon would have to be pierced per bell to announce the nomination.

Manveer and Rahul nominate each other at the first two bells.

Gaurav strategises with Bani and convinces her to pierce Nitibha's balloon, which she does without much thought.

Then 'image conscious' Gaurav changes his mind. He chooses not to nominate Mona as he promised and instead convinces Bani to pierce his balloon because he wants to get rid of his guilt.

Annoyed, Bani plays her game fair; pierces Lopa's balloon as she had planned.

Lopa returns the favour and nominates her.

Despite being nominated, Nitibha comes across as a sport and does not let her loss overshadow the spirit of the game.

What's thanda

No sooner had Manu enter the secret room, he ganged up with Priyanka and got busy finding faults in Manveer and Mona.

You may not like Mona getting closer to Gaurav, but in your absence, new friendships were bound to be made.

And if you think Manveer getting closer to Nitibha is upsetting, maybe it's time you looked at yourself and Mona.

Too bad Jason won't return to the house.

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