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Bigg Boss 10: Go for it Lokesh! Chanakya Manu!

Last updated on: November 18, 2016 12:18 IST

Rohan wins the captaincy for the week.
But the Cry Baby, says Divya Nair, can't handle the responsibility.

Is there anyone in the Bigg Boss house who has an opinion of their own?

The house is reeking of influence -- you scratch my back, I scratch yours.

And this scratching game changes almost every week.

Whether or not Manu wins Bigg Boss, he has a bright future as management faculty. Or in politics.

He's the Chanakya of the house.

The way he spurts gyaan to Mona, Manveer, Lokesh or Swami Om is COMMENDABLE.

People agree with him more than they do with Swami Om.

Manu managed to convince Lokesh that the celeb gang can't be trusted and that she should reunite with the M3 gang.

His new bakra is Lopa and boy, he's charmed her too into believing how much he admires her.

It didn't matter that Rohan got more votes than Lopa and won the captaincy task for the week.

Manu will ensure he doesn't lose a single opportunity to prove to his detractors that Rohan was the wrong choice.

VIDEO: Watch the drama unfold on Bigg Boss 10.

Rohan, you had such an amazing opportunity to win your place in the house and what did you do?

You chose matlabi Bani over dear friend Lopa. Who does that?

You're acting like that primary class monitor who gets carried away by his fake fair weather friends.

The way you treat the housemates this week will change a lot of things for you.

You have already lost a friend in Lopa.

Lokesh is upset with you.

Nitibha regrets voting for you.

Swami Om is the last person you can trust.

And Bani, the less we talk about her, the better.

Thank God for Manu, who is watching your every move.

IMAGE: Mona chats with Manu and Manveer on Bigg Boss 10.

Bani, is there anyone you can be loyal to?

First Gaurav, then Manveer, now Rohan?

Do you realise that everyone seems to be guessing your game plan and giving it back to you.

Sometimes, I feel you're only dreaming about hosting the next season of Roadies.

Lokesh, I'm beginning to feel bad for you.

Except for Nitibha, I don't see anyone else standing up for you.

You said you want to go home? What will happen to your fans like me?

They definitely want to see more of your 'I-don't-give-a-damn' side.

Loved the conviction with which you said, 'Main apna bed nahi doongi.

Keep doing this more often and you'll mint votes at the bank.

IMAGE: Rohan and Rahul fight it out in a task.

The silver lining this week was Rahul Dev giving kadak takkar in the tasks.

First, he finished the Rasgulla task like a pro.

In Thursday's episode, he came across as a fitting competitor to Rohan, who is probably half his age, and eventually won the task.

Friday night's episode can't be missed -- Lopa, Manu and Manveer are seen putting their foot down and making the captaincy impossible for Rohan.

Rohan, you deserve this and worse!

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