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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Movies » Bigg Boss 10: Does Lopa deserve to be Number 1?

Bigg Boss 10: Does Lopa deserve to be Number 1?

By Divya Nair
January 10, 2017 14:08 IST
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With three weeks to go, the competition among contestants will test friendships and arguments can get wilder, says Divya Nair.



  • Manveer and Nitibha argue.
  • Housemates rank themselves.
  • Lopa ranks herself Number 1.


What's garam

Manu adds fuel to the fire

IMAGE: Manveer and Nitibha's verbal war.

The long overdue fight between Manveer and Nitibha finally took place.

Bigg Boss woke up from his slumber and caught Nitibha and Bani speaking in English. Wow! You warned them twice... I couldn't believe my ears.

What about Lopa? You go selectively deaf then?

And congratulations, Manu, all that negativity you have been feeding the two erupted in the spat.

You must be happy right?

How do you manage that double face of yours?

Counsel Nitibha and seconds later bitch about her to Manveer?

Or like you fake your sacrifice towards Manveer and Mona and then claim you deserve to be Number 1.

Where do you get this shrewdness and overconfidence from?


Lopa number 1, really?


IMAGE: Do you think Lopa deserves the number 1 spot?

If Bani is overconfident to rank herself Number 2, Lopa was equally ambitious to be number 1.

Except for Rohan, no one agreed you take that spot, yet you plonked yourself there.

Just admit that everyone is selfish when it comes to hiding their flaws and limitations in the house.

Your attitude towards Rohan in the last few days has proved that you have issues too.

And when will you learn not to butt your nose when someone else is making a point?

Heard about etiquette, beauty queen?


What's thanda

Mona playing the scapegoat

IMAGE: The housemates decide their spots.

Mona, you constantly remind us about Sonali Raut and Rimi Sen from previous seasons.

Except for dancing or acting, you do not proactively participate in any debate or task.

You are the first to give up in any task.

On other days, you sit there like a potato and behave like a megaphone for Manu to voice his twisted gyaan, nodding your head to everything he says and does.

Do you even have an opinion of your own?

Why are you still on the show?

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