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'You cannot love someone you don't respect'

June 01, 2005 13:50 IST
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Ayesha TakiaAyesha Takia seems to be Bollywood's Next Big Thing. She has bagged such films like David Dhawan's Shaadi No 1, Sujoy Ghosh's Home Delivery and also Naseeruddin Shah's directorial debut.

The actress, who made waves with Socha Na Tha, chatted with readers recently. For those who missed the chat, here's the transcript:

k : u there
Ayesha Takia : I am here

arpit : hum aapse nafrat karta hainya pyaar, Mausam tumhare samne jukh jayay,hum na the tayaar.
Ayesha Takia : Thank you to the poet..

mj : hi
Ayesha Takia : Hi how are you?

kumar : bdzdada
Ayesha Takia : what does this mean.. are u the dada of the show biz????

krazykaran : wat time is it in india neone knows?
Ayesha Takia : its 12:58 pm here.. where are you @

Arti : i am arti
Ayesha Takia : Hi arti.. how are you?

Arti : i must tell u that u r really beautyful and bubbly
Ayesha Takia : Thank you very much, very kind of you

jaiaryan : hi ayesha ur looking good, i see u hard working, hope u be a big star like priety zinta, i want u to be there
Ayesha Takia : Thank yoyu so much for your good wishes.. god bless you too.

jaiaryan : ur similar like priety zinta, a bubbly and a nice person. which i like a lot about u
Ayesha Takia : thank you so much, thats very kind of you. it always helps when you get encouragement and it helps me to work harder

jaiaryan : i would be happy if u be my friend,
Ayesha Takia : HI I am a friend of every fan of mine... and so urs too..

pinky : she isn't here as of yet?
Ayesha Takia : I am here....

Ab : is ayesha there?????
Ayesha Takia : yes

Ab : Hi Ayesha,,. Hey i watched your Socha Na Tha...not once but thrice.. you looked tooo nice, beautiful n bubbly there....
Ayesha Takia : Hi.. am glad that you watched the film thrice. thank you so much

Ab : Ayesha,,.Good Work keep it up...let me know your upcoming that i can book tickets in advance :)
Ayesha Takia : Thank you... my new films are Shaadi no 1 with david dhavan,,, its a multi starrer.. the next film is Home Delivery ,.,, a romantic comedy.. watch out for that .. catch both the films in November 2005. After that Nazeerudin Shah's film I am shooting from August.

seenu : hi ayesha.. seenu here, nice to chat with you, waiting for your new movie with Nagarjuna SUPER.. excited to see you again.
Ayesha Takia : the promos of the song of the film will release in the next two days on MTV and V tv.. Please watch. the film has turned out pretty rocking...

saleemkamil : Ayesha Didi, hello, how r u . i want to ask u that u signed two abbas mustan films some months back. When they will be released.
Ayesha Takia : have not started shooting any of the films... so do not know when they would release.. my two films are releasing in November... shaadi no. 1 and Home delivery.. hope you watch it.

jaiaryan : hey wat r the movies ur doing
Ayesha Takia : my new films are Shaadi no 1 with david dhavan,,, its a multi starrer.. the next film is Home Delivery ,.,, a romantic comedy.. watch out for that .. catch both the films in November 2005. After that Nazeerudin Shah's film I am shooting from August.

seenu : you are great the way you are.. You rock.. Wishing you the best in whatever you do.. !!!
Ayesha Takia : Thanks so much. Hope it always stays that way. WOrking towards it... God Bless

jaiaryan : hey give me ur mail id i want to talk to u a lot. i want to be ur friend
Ayesha Takia : my id is

saleemkamil : Which is your favourite bollywood film?
Ayesha Takia : Hey thats a really tough question..but one of my favorite film is Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge...

seenu : Ayesha.., how important is your role in Telugu film SUPER..??? Can I expect another superb performance...
Ayesha Takia : Hope that you like it as much. I have worked hard as always.. the director is fabulous... The film is really young and so not like the usual south films....

vishalbb : Hi Ayesha... just watched Socha Na tha... and still watching :-) movie is just awesome.. and ur role is superb !
Ayesha Takia : Thank you so much... I am also very much in love with Aditi and miss her very much.. hope there was SNT part 2... just so I could play her again

jaiaryan : u like to do serious roles
Ayesha Takia : As an actress I want to do all roles that would inspire or challenge me.. The first film that i did was not like the usual commercial flick, so I am trying to do varied roles. Hope you like them

Ab : pls tell me about ur do you spent your liesure time
Ayesha Takia : MOstly I listen to stories in my free time which is great as an actor.. in no other profession does some one come and tell you stories where you are a character.. I love that. I listen to loads of trance and rock music and also love ghazals,,, ghulam ali, and abeeda parveen a lot... spent all my time wiht my family... mostly my mom, love long drives.. Love sitting at cafes over conversation with people that i like and love to read...

saleemkamil : Out of your three films u have acted which is your favourite one?
Ayesha Takia : Thats an easy question .. Socha na tha is my fav film till now and will always have a special place in my heart

jaiaryan : how it feels being actress,
Ayesha Takia : Well it has always been my dream to be an actress. And God has blessed me with what I have. I completely love it and enjoy it thorooughly and being in front fo the camera gives me a real high... and people like you give me so much love which I really respect and thankful for.

rani : Hi Ayesha. WHat films are you doing now?
Ayesha Takia : I am shooting for three lovely films ... Shaadi no 1 with david dhavan,,, the next film is Home Delivery ,.,, a romantic comedy.. After that Nazeerudin Shah's film I am shooting from August.

seenu : Awesome Ayesha..!!Really, "Socha Na Tha" that you could deliver such a great performance. I wish you get more such sweet roles in good films, and, Ayesha, how different can you be from other actresses and what are you doing to keep up to the expectations of those who like you? And justmy opinion, serious roles won't suit you ..
Ayesha Takia : Look out for Home Delivery which is so much like SNT, not as a film, but where I have a sweet role that has substance and its a light film but not brainless....

Ab : ayesha...i am so happy to talk to you...i really love you...wishing you all the best, great success and all you want in life...keep entertaining us... bye bye n my mobile number is 939100.....(Murphy's law key board failed at wrong time;)
Ayesha Takia : OH I love u too.. hope to entertain you guys always... God bless.. and will chat again soon sometime.... How sweet... hope u get a new keyboard...

jaiaryan : dont thank me yaar its ur hard work which took u to this stage
Ayesha Takia : yes but without all of you its hard to be anywhere

seenu : you are one great looking actress in recent films, just out of curiosity.. favorite actor? If Salman, Sharukh, Rithik, Aamir everyone wants to date you, whom would you choose..? uh.. me or them..? jus4fun.. wanted to know whom you admire the most..
Ayesha Takia : Well i wont date any of them coz they all have either a girlfriend or a wife firstly, and you maybe when we meet i shall decide.. just kidding... i admire everyone for something that they have and a place that they have reached in life... from all the hard work and struggle to be where they are ...

jaiaryan : tell me about ur like and dislikes
Ayesha Takia : Well there are lots of things i like and dislike like all people... ask me anything in particular.. i shall tell you

manav : hey ayesha, were u in Singapore sometome around november cos I think I have seen u but I didnt quite knew much about u at that time. And congratulations for the filmfare award.
Ayesha Takia : yes.. i was in Spore for the IIFA award... and thanks so much.. the filmfare award meant a lot and hope to get lots more... smiles

vishalbb : I heard u had too LEARn hindi to do films.. is tht rite ? but tht doesn't appear in the movie...If that's true.. then u picked really well and good..
Ayesha Takia : Well I had to learn diction becoz i come from a family where we speak more of English at home.. But i think that every person in India should learn the language so I would learn it anyways...

seenu : Have a nice time Ayesha, good to see you reply in a nice way, great talking to you, Wishing you the best of best, and hope you shine all the way.. efforts never go in waste.. my best wishes... thank you so much for chatting with us.. All my love, Seenu.
Ayesha Takia : Thank you so much Seenu, you been a real sweetheart.. God BLess!

jaiaryan : wat is that u would like to share with us or tell to us
Ayesha Takia : That I am fortunate that I have the opportunity to tell you something that you would bother to take se4riously. Thank you... I seriosly believe that the youth these days (not to preach) indulge in drugs and alcohol.. which I am strictly against as I believe that it takes you away from reality and life which is given to us fortunate people, which I feel should definitely be respected.

saleem : What is home delivery all about? Is it a comedy or a serious film?
Ayesha Takia : WEll Home delivery is a romantic comedy and I dont know somehow most of my films are comedies... and I guess I like to do films that I would like to watch.. Its a film about loads of characters and a incident in their lives which teaches them a lot!

amit09 : u entered in the films so late wht were u doing before this
Ayesha Takia : Amit.. you are a darlin... anyways.. its never too late i heard and hope to be here a long time

jaiaryan : which family u come from, certainly not the bollywood back ground, like priety zinta ur also not from filmi background family, is it right
Ayesha Takia : yes.. i do not come from a filmi family at all.. i come from a normal family like all of you..

sunny : helloooooooooooooooooooooooo, mera no. kb aayega
Ayesha Takia : tumhara no. aa gaya.. how are yo usunny.. whats up?

URMAD : dear ayeasha, are u averse to showing skin in movies?
Ayesha Takia : Well I think that as an actor movies are about playin parts not showing skin... I have to watch my movies tomorrow with my children, today with my parents and grand parents and sister, and I always wish to do things in life that I am proud of but not embrassed about... as all of you will also feel.

punitkumarrediffmail : hi are 1 of the gorzeous females i ahve seen with such a soft spoken voive
Ayesha Takia : Thank you so much Punit.. and glad that you love my voice.. Your compliments are very well appreciated. Thanx

thedevil : What is fav thingy abt Mumbai
Ayesha Takia : I think the cosmopolitan attitude of people, not being racial is what I love about Mumbai.. its so multicultural and everyone takes everyone as a person.. which is ROCKING!!

jaiaryan : all r telling u were good in socha na tha , but u were also too good in ur debut movie tarzan, which i liked it. i think ur good in any movie because ur the best....
Ayesha Takia : Hi Jaiaryan you are such a darling.. your compliments are really appreciated .. glad that you liked me in Tarzaan as well.. hope to do good work like this always..

ranveer : hi Ayesha, I wanted to ask which all places did u go to shoot for Dil Mange More cos the songs had very fresh look to it.
Ayesha Takia : NIce that you noticed.. we shoot the songs especially Sun Liya chun liya was shoot on a location in Malaysia where no one has ever shot before... : Hi Ayesha!How are you doing? You were simply superb in "Socha Naa Tha" . Believe me I have written a story and there is one character in my story by name "SEEMA" and I was wondering which actress will suit the bill and after watching Socha Naa Tha , eventually I got the right girl for my SEEMA.
Ayesha Takia : How sweet great to know that u think that i will be perfect for Seema and good luck for your story and everythign in life.. thanx so much for your compliments

anuroop : how did u find working with shahid
Ayesha Takia : It is great working with all sorts of different people who have enthusiasm to do whatever it is that they are doing.. so it was lovely working with him as well

mannu : hi ayesha, u seem to have a sporty figure. what were the sporte u indulged in?
Ayesha Takia : Hey mannu, thanx so much.. I never played any sport ever.. but have been a person who always works out and genetics plays a very important part in everyones appearance... thanx

VImal : Dear Ayesha! I like your face & smile very much! you are star of Tommorow.I would like to ask one thing that How do you define principle of life!Awaiting for your warm reply.
Ayesha Takia : Thankx for your compliments.. Life is always about being yourself, and being happy in whatever you do... My principle in life is to always hold my family and close ones as the most important in my life becoz i feel that at the end of the day, thats what will always remain...

Jeevan : Ayesha How was it working with Nagarjuna in Super Telugu film.did u like working with Telugu Stars?
Ayesha Takia : it was a lovely experience working in the south.. and every actor that has worked for so long teaches you something that you should or should not do... and so did this experience

jagadish : what you think makes you stand apart from current bollywood heroines
Ayesha Takia : I dont think any person should go into anything thinking about standing apart or being competitive. I think the best way in life is to be ur self.. and that way you will always stand apart.. becoz there are too many duplicates of everybody else

sourav : Hi Ayesha, Though I have seen only Tarzan among all your releases, I think you have it in you to reach the top. Keep it up, Cheers!
Ayesha Takia : Thank a lot sourav.. your encouragement means a lot.. please watch my other films ...

thedevil : hmm.....what would be yr ideal thing u wanna do in mumabi at late nite,...... minus discos, sad fomal parties and candle light dinners etc
Ayesha Takia : Well firstly I like your name and hope that its not ur reality... lol.. mumbai is agreat place. I love going on long drives, sitting at coffee houses which is my fav. thing on earth.. and spending time with close friends and family... watchin load of films in a theater

Puneet : Hi Ayesha...I saw you in Socha Na Tha...and you looked so refreshing in the movie....I was completely moved over by the sheer innocent look on ur looked wonderful...!!
Ayesha Takia : Than kyou so much PUneet . Glad that you liked me and SNT. And its kind of you think that I look innocent.. And thats a compliment that I appreciate,.

pantera : ayesha, what kind of music d u like to listen to??
Ayesha Takia : Love music.. rock, trance, ofcourse hindi film music, abbeda parveen, ghulam ali... but my most fav is trance

lasttango : I feel u must desist from all these put on media PR's it will sink your career before it begins
Ayesha Takia : Thank you for ur concern.. I dont have any PR person or secretary or manager. My dad manages my dates and mom manages my life.. and my sister is a very important part of my life.. and thats how i go along..

chinmaya : Hi Ayesha, i appriciate your work in socha natha.would you like to play a role of older age woman.
Ayesha Takia : Thank x you so much that you liked SNT, and at 20 no one sees me as a old age woman

nik_is_sick : Hey Ayesha did u get any offer for a Hollywood Movie????
Ayesha Takia : Firstly i looooooveeeeeeeeee bollywood... and its what i always wanted to do. And if a hollywood film comes across to me .. I have to know that the script is worthy of doing.. only then will i take it up.. But I am very happy with my hindi films

dushyant : Hi Ayesha! would you like to do some short experimental films i.e. 10 or 5 min long. does money matters you for that?To tell you for sure u r the next big thing.
Ayesha Takia : Depends on the film... and script... money is not the driving force in my life.. thanx for your compliment.. i really respect it ...

jay : ayesha pllllllzzzzzzz teck my hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Ayesha Takia : Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

dxbguy : ayesha, if you ever come to dubai... would love to have your gracious company for a cup of coffee?
Ayesha Takia : hey I love coffee and hope to come to dubai soon.. have received lots of kind mails from dubai... and really look forward to come ther e...

Ayesha Takia : Ok if a script comes across that i like and he happens to be in it.. i ould love to fulfill your request ...

star : ayesha this is too badatleast u can give me a reply
Ayesha Takia : hey star.. sorry i have not replied.. what is it that y9o uwant to know

star : hellllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooayesha
Ayesha Takia : Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii star.. sorry if i didnt answer...

rohit2 : hi ayesha would u like to do films like MOGHLE AZAM ,THE ROLE OF MADHU BHALA
Ayesha Takia : I think it would be very honorable that someone thought that i could play that role.. thanx and obviously would love to play it

147 : ayesha who is fav star in bollywood
Ayesha Takia : Fav star... hmmm... Amitabh Bachhan after seeing BLACK!

SachinP : Hey Ayesha, what according to you is the necessary element in onself to keep him/her at the top. Now you are already at the top you would be the right person to answer my question.
Ayesha Takia : I think that for anyonje to be anywhere in life its very important to first know what you want. Be extremely hard working, cant do anything without support and encouragement and always be yourself.

veena : hi ayesha,i saw ur socha na was a fantastic movie...and ur performanace was too good
Ayesha Takia : Thanx veena for ur compliiment.. glad u liked the film and me .. .

Adnan : Ayesha do you think that you can stand the current competition in the bollywood. If your answer is yes. Then what makes you think that?
Ayesha Takia : Hey Adnan, I dont think that i go into anything in life looking at competition, I am my own competition. ANd I always try and do my best and be my self.

sylvester : hey srry havn't got much time gotta go but tell u wat, i think u hav it in u to make it big in bollywood with ur great sexy looks and ur talent so keep it up n yes i hav never gone wrong with my predictions hope u remmber me whn ur at the top byeeeeeee
Ayesha Takia : Thanx sylvester ... appreciate that

Ab : Hey question on personal life.. r u looking someone in bollywood..
Ayesha Takia : I am not seeing anyone in Bollywood

ajit : heyyy how do ya manage to look so cute?
Ayesha Takia : Hey ajit thanks so much.. its the genetics that doing that

hans : which momemt in the film u liked the most
Ayesha Takia : Hey hans.. w hich film are u talkin about

nice : r u in love with somebody????????????????????
Ayesha Takia : WEll i am thankful to God, that I have so many people in my life that I am in love with .

aruns : was that u in Black
Ayesha Takia : NO... that was an 8 year old girl called Ayesha Kapoor

Adnan : I liked your answer. But let me tell you I am one of your fans. I loved your performance in Tarzan the wonder car. Keep going Ayesha..
Ayesha Takia : Thanx a ton adnan...

amithkr : hi Ayesha, they r calling u the next big thing in bollywood,how u re going to prove them wrong :), i mean right??
Ayesha Takia : WEll.. its lovely to knw that people think that i am the next big thing, i will always work as hard and honestly as i have been and hope that people will like my work

harrycool : Hey Ayesha, how do your fans get in touch with you and wish you on your birthdays and when your films do well?
Ayesha Takia : my email id is and everyone can mail me that .. my birthdate is APril 10

spam : U have a great figure? How do you maitain it inspite of the parties, events that are part of bollywood?
Ayesha Takia : Well i do work out and control and am a pure vegetarian..

garry99922 : Hey Maine socha na thea ki koi tum jaisa khubsurat ho sakta hai
Ayesha Takia : You are a poet and u know it garry

Ayesha Takia : WEll I love bangalore.. and dont really visit any place becoz of its party scene.. but bangalore does rock and will be there pretty soon

Hero : hi ayesha !! let me tel u u r very good looking and u have very sweet looks same like my girl ;)well whats ur age ?? now dont tell " ladkiyon se age nahi poochte " and which part of india u belong to ?? TAKIA is wat ? i mean u gujju??
Ayesha Takia : I am a mumbaite.. and an Indian thats whats impt. I come from a mixed family.. dads gujju, mother is half British and half maharashtrian.

arvind : do u know one thing about yourself..... u have a very cute smile...its priceless
Ayesha Takia : Thanx so much arvind.. i love people who smile.. and always try to smile loads.

Ayesha Takia : I am not ready for marriage yet.. thanx.. :-)

Adnan : How would you react if TOM Cruise ask's you too work with him in his new upcoming film?
Ayesha Takia : TOm Cruise is absolutely fabulous... but in any film i always look at what i am doin and not just the actor

Prabal : Hey Ayesha I'm from London...I was wondering if u've ver visited London or are planning to do that in the future. By the way I loved ur performance in Socha Na Tha
Ayesha Takia : Hey been to London for a little time.. absolutely love the place and wish to come ther soon and lots

SachinParmar : Ayeshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ayesha Takia : whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

sochatha : how did u feel working with abhay in "Socha Na Tha"....i thot u were gr8 and abhay..ok !!..plz reply
Ayesha Takia : cute name.. like it... SNT was on the whole a fab experience..

buddicrat : Ayesha!how do u rate urself as an actress?
Ayesha Takia : Well as an actor i think i try to do my best and play the characters that inspire me and challenge me.. leave the rest to the audience

vicky : Please reply to me. I need to tell my frends that I chatted with you.
Ayesha Takia : Hey VICKY please tell everyone that we chatted and you are a sweetheart.. god bless

jaiaryan : wat kind of person u will like to date
Ayesha Takia : Interesting question... person i would like to date would definitely be someone who i could respect and look upto.. someone with loads of manners and someone who loves my family someone who loves cinema and basically uses more of his heart then his mind and someone who loves me as a person, and the most impt thing is that i have to respect him. Coz u cannot love someone who u dont respect

aman : Hi , will u take suppot of sex for making yr film hit?
Ayesha Takia : Hey aman, none of my films till now or the films that I have signed have taken support of anything other then a good script.. and thats what i always believe in

Vaibhav : Well a heyy expects a Hi atleast :)donno u r a big movie star...
Ayesha Takia : Hi ... what u wanna know ?

Ayesha Takia : Hey jason.. thandx a lot... hope it always stays this way.. GOD BLESS

Ayesha Takia : hey in life everything is about believing and i cannot do anything except telling you that its me answering

Takia Fan : Hi Ayesha, You look very pleasantly stunning & adorable...I am as of now just a fan of your looks.......I havent seen any of your movies as yet....which one would you recommend?
Ayesha Takia : hey i recommend SNT and please watch other films.. love them all... I have to sign off now.. it was really fun chatting with all of you.. hope we have loads of more chat like this.. my email id is Love u all loads.. God Bless!!!!

Ayesha Takia : Hey navdeep have loved ur question the most till now.. and tell ur one year baby that i wish her the best of everything in life and that she is very lucky that she has people who love and miss her so much

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