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Aamir as Shikari Shambu? Comic book heroes we want onscreen!

Last updated on: February 05, 2015 18:14 IST
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Oh, the possibilities!

Be it Batman or Smurfs, comic book characters turning into successful movie franchise all over the world is nothing new.

The trend has only gotten bigger and broader with the phenomenal response to Marvel and DC superheroes compelling studios to adapt lesser-known characters like Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man or Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange for celluloid.

Back home too, there’s no dearth of iconic comic book figures aching to take life on silver screen.

Here’s a fun look at 10 such characters along with Bollywood actors we think could play them best.

Shikari Shambu


He’s the master of makeovers. From alien to old man, Aamir Khan’s done it all.

And so the prospect of the perfectionist playing Shikari Shambu, the bumbling, accident-prone hunter bullied by his portly wife and, quite easily, one of Tinkle’s tour de force sounds like a dream come true.



Indrajal Comics’ kurta-clad hero takes on dacoits, aids the police and endorses rehabilitation over retribution in and as the action-packed Bahadur.

We can totally picture Ranbir Kapoor’s charisma, commitment and competence rock Abid Surti’s supremely popular handiwork.


Chacha Chaudhry


Under that striking red turban lies a brain known to run faster than a computer. Chacha Chaudhary’s smarts and support system (a compliant giant and loyal pooch) save the day every single time in cartoonist Pran’s beloved series.

As you may recall, Peepli Live’s Raghuvir Yadav previously took a stab at the character for television.

Wouldn’t it be nice to watch the enormously talented Pankaj Kapoor in the quick-witted Chacha’s shoes someday?




Superhero flicks are not an alien genre for Hrithik Roshan. And that’s why we think he’d be a perfect fit to play the blue-eyed, snake-discharging supernatural superhuman from the realm of Raj Comics.

Fantasy, sci-fi, magic, Nagraj is one loaded package deal just waiting to be explored by Bollywood.


Super Commando Dhruv


Just like Dhoom 3’s Aamir Khan, Super Commando Dhruv, born to folks working in a circus, lost them under tragic circumstances at a young age. Unlike Dhoom 3’s Aamir Khan, he didn’t take to the path of crime and went the Batman way.

If his daredevil skills weren’t cool enough, the man can talk to birds, animals and dolphins.

Nimble, muscular and expressive, Shahid Kapoor is our bet for this popular comic book vigilante.




Speaking of Tinkle Comics, can Suppandi be left behind? The dim-witted domestic help that left his masters pulling their hair out, Suppandi’s foolish antics are stuff legends are made of.

Who better than Bollywood’s wackiest, zaniest, self-mocking Ranveer Singh to portray this hilarious dunce?


Detective Moochwala


Any body familiar with Target comics will swear by Detective Moochwala’s capers. The goofy, mostly bald, middle-aged sleuth sporting his trademark moustache, joined by his faithful pooch, does his lumbering best to solve a mystery.

Let’s see, Anupam Kher, Boman Irani or, say, how about Ankhon Dekhi’s Sanjay Mishra. Few can convey earnest yet clumsy with such tremendous conviction.




Oodles of physical strength and combat know-how along with a history of violence and disturbed psychology, Doga is darkness personified.

Donning a dog mask and alter ego, Suraj transforms into Doga to take on hostile forces of organised crime as Raj Comics’s page-turning creation.

Salman Khan wore Devil’s mask in Kick, how about another one as Doga? Too much fun, yes?




Alright, so the Diamond comics troublemaking darling Pinki is only five years old.

Bollywood can always do a grown-up version with the impish Sonakshi Sinha. Notice how her current hairstyle looks a whole lot Pinki too.


Tantri the Mantri


Sweet on the face, sly in the head, Tantri the Mantri’s sole purpose in life is to bump off the King and take over his throne. Except all his plans always backfire leading to comical consequences.

We’ve seen Nawazuddin Siddiqui in enough serious roles. But if his work in The Lunchbox is any indication, the man has perfect comic timing too. He’d do excellent as the silly, scheming Tantri.

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