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Bad News!
D Morgan

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October 05, 2007 13:15 IST

Theatre director Vishal Inamdar attempts to depict the behind-the-scenes of the media farce and add a more colourful point-of-view, often heard in the confines of a news channels OB van.

Sadly, even though the director has his heart in the right place, one can't help but feel that Its Breaking News is stage bound, lacks certainty, and doesn't make plausible points in its exaggeratedly loud cynical outbursts -- pointlessly stuck, much like news channels fighting for TRP to sell ad spots and flame the sentiments of the junta.

Also, Its Breaking News is unintentionally funny in parts thanks to the unusually incompetent performances by its core team of actors. A special mention must be made to the reporter who is shot dead during the film -- that was really the worst piece of acting that's ever been canned!

In fact, therein lies the biggest problem. The performances coupled with mediocre dialogue, will just not let the audience accept the reality that the film is trying to portray.

Its Breaking News introduces us to idealistic Vidya (Koel Puri) in the entertainment beat much like Konkona Sen Sharma [Images] in Page 3. Amidst channel rivalry and TRP tantrums, Vidya moves into the crime beat and uncovers a scandalous story where a corrupt SP (Harsh Chayya) forces a girl into prostitution.

Vidya uncovers the horrors through a sting operation but the well connected SP and TV channels hungry for TRP begin the reckless Red-Tapism. Vidya soon learns that she must battle the brutal bureaucracy and stick to her conviction if she wants to remain unblemished in the corrupt world of Television News.

Unlike its extraordinarily creative predecessor, SRK's [Images] Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani that took a cheeky look at the underbelly of the media, director Vishal Inamdar and his team of writers take the serious route sans humour that no doubt, mars the impact of the satirical cynicism.

And, unfortunately, the director does not have talented actors at his command. In fact, the film, which focuses mainly on Koel and the sting victim, Sangeeta (Swati Sen) suffers hugely on this account. It's not that the acting is terrible, it's just not good enough to uplift a half-baked concept that is confused between wanting to make a social and political statement.

There is also nothing that the film offers that one hasn't really seen or read from the news. The behind-the-scenes is a tad superficial and treated extremely dryly to make for a pleasant viewing experience.

Realism is one thing, but shoddy production value and inconsistent, uninteresting camera work have no justification. Sadly, this isn't news you can use.

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