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'Everyone will like Hrithik'

November 23, 2006 19:24 IST
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Director Sanjay Gadhvi might have answered a lot of questions in our exhaustive interview, but that wasn't enough.

The Dhoom:2 director faced the rediff readers in a chat on Monday, November 20, and the questions flew wildly. In case you missed any of the action, here's what happened:

Sanjay Gadhvi says, Hi.This is Sanjay Gadhvi.I'm online

sheetal asked, why there is no heroine for Abhishek
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, There is a heroine for AB, Sheetal

sheetal asked, hi may i kow whse cast against Abhshek bachhan
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Sheetal, see the film to find out

sachin jain asked, what came in your mind while preparing dhoom 2
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Sachin, the challenge of a sequel ...specially hrithik as a bad guy.

Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Kartik Amitabh Bachchan

Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Hrithik Ash chemistry

raj asked, Which was the most difficult scene to shoot
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Hrithik - ASh basketball scene , and a drama scene at the end

sun asked, hi sanjay thanks for giving us a dhoom again
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, You're welcome sun

ramesh asked, a lot of expectation from dhoom2 we are wating for Dhoom 3 are you thinking of it?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Not me

Aks asked, Why Dhoom 2 and not something fresh?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Dhoom2 is fresh

Anusha asked, Its often said that Aishwarya isnt an actress?Would you concur? Do you get the desired freedom a director yearns for at Yashraj
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Ash is very good in D2. I get all the freedom

jsatty asked, is uday chopra the obvoius choice or due to the producers' pressure?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Uday as Ali is the only choice.He rules!

pooja asked, what happened to rimmi sen?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, She is pregnant in the film.Special appearance

Sharath asked, iasked one about the climax - mask scene - is it true
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Mask Rumours not true

SureshReddy asked, How Can we feel while and after watching the movie.In trailers it is shown lot of action is in movie.
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Hopefully satisfied and entertained.Look out for HR and Ash

prita asked, sanjay why not rani
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Ash is perfect for D2

nuk asked, does ash does a negative part in it
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Yes.Ash plays a thief

Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Thank you.Nexson.Watch D2...

mansweta asked, How much is the pressure to produce a hit with such awesome star cast.I wish Best of luck to you
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, The pressure reduces with this kind of a star cast...otherwise pressure's always there.

gowri asked, How many songs in this film.
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, you'll see 6 songs in the film

amarjk1979 asked, are you planning Dhoom 3
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, No plans for Dhoom 3

gowri asked, What is the role of aishwarya rai & Bipasha Basu. What is the character of Bipasha in this film.
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Ash is a thief , Bips is a cop

shama asked, In the current crazy scenario of sequels why do you think that dhoom2 will be better than the others?? Do you think the actors have matured
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Dont know, about better than the others.But do promise full 'paisa-vasool' entertainment.

shridhar asked, hey there!hrithik has the potential to pull off dramatically complex roles similar to edward norton in primal fear n i heard in one of his interviews that he wanted to do such roles.what do u think abt it as u hae already directed him.
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Hrithiks a good actor.Can pull off any role he wishes.

hussain asked, Do you think Dhoom 2 would be more popular as Dhoom?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Hopefully.

depika. asked, hi, why is esha doel not in the movie?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Ali needs to fall in love with a new girl.

raf asked, why ur not directing romantic movies?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Will soon.

Director Sanjay Gandhvimursal asked, what do u think that john , hrithik or sharukh is the well suited actor in dhoom..?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Each have their own place.

Paggie asked, Hrithik for John Abraham, Esha for Ash Why?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Why not.

man asked, Hi Sanjay, Who is super hero of Dhoom2 ? Abhishek or Hritik
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Both HR and AB rock in D2

rajeshwalia asked, Is this true aish wears bikini in dhoom-2
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Maybe.Maybe not.

julian asked, will u make dhoom 3 if dhoom 2 goes hit
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, No julian Dhoom needs fresh view points.

HriwaryaLover asked, I hope there are some steamy and sensual scenes between the hottest jodi ever - hrithik and aish
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Dhoom 2 can be watched with the family and children.

Aks asked, Hey is Dhoom 3 for real or just a PR?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Neither. Just speculation.

Enfield asked, Hello Sanjay. Are there any plans to make a biker TV serial? We need regular Indian biker stuff. Waiting for a Dhoom 3 is just not enough and we don't even know there will be a Dhoom 3.
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Sorry Enfield.No TV serials for me right now.

Harshad asked, Hello a huge Dhoom fan..especially it music...but feel the music of Dhoom 2 is disappointing...what do u feel??
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Keep listening to it. 'Crazy Kiya re' will rule. asked, Hi Sanjay, You have directed a romantic film(Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai) and a couple of action flicks(Dhoom and Dhoom 2)How does it feel getting an opportunity to work with versatile subjects so early in your career?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, It's the best. hope to dig into other genres too

Sunheri asked, Hi Sanjay the promos look exciting will the whole movie be as exciting as the promo or have u given it all.
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Fingers crossed sunehri!I think you'll like it.

rani asked, what is the name of Ash in Dhoom 2?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Sunehri.

HriwaryaLover asked, Don't you agree Hrithik and Aish have found perfect reel match in each other? Thanks so much the fans have been waiting for years
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, HR-Ash chemistry seen to be believed.

manish asked, Hi sanjay..the action in dhoom I was kind of hollywood ishtyle..can we expect more than that this time?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Yes.You can.It's more international.

Sashidhar asked, Will Dhoom2 ends with a chance for Dhoom3?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Dhoom as a brand can go on and on...regardless of the endings.

Anilreddy asked, What is reason behind selecting Hrithik instead of John
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, It's Jai and Ali's new case.

raj asked, was it easy to shoot the scene of hrithik jumping from the plane or helicopter. i heard that it took hrithik ten shots to complete it perfectly
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, It was tough.See it and enjoy it.

Nisha asked, we heard that ash had to work a lot on her figure why so much attention?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, D2 is all about great looks.

megha asked, is dhoom ur only current project, or anything will follow it soon?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, I'm a film maker ofcourse there will be films.Nothing decided yet.

Anusha asked, Was it intimidating,to work with the biggest stars in the country? Dont know if you've already answered this,but according to you,what is the USP..The HR-Ash chemistry,or the stunts,or the skin show,or is it the locales and dances
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Everything you said and above all the HR-Ash chemistry.

Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Present day or past??Indian or Hollywood??

RahulWarrier asked, hi sanjay,., Dhoom was truly Awesome,., cant explain in words,., so will the sequel be better.?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Ya.It should be better.It will be better.I hope so.

mp123 asked, why have u take chopra ....he is worst actor of india ....
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, You need to see a lot more hindi films.

Prasenjit asked, I enjoyed your dhoom, hope dhoom-2 will be better. I have seen the promo and liked the actions. Again ash and hritik best dancers in the industry. Dhoom-2 is about robbery ? same theme with different plot ?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, It's a cops and Robbers story at the end of the day.The HR-Ash angle makes it more interesting.

amareliamahesh asked, Hi Sanjay, Is it like D2 also have same bike racing and all stuff, or it contains some different things also?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, There is a whole variety of action.

a asked, looks like the rumor abt john wearing a hrithik mask is true bcoz u yr ignoring this question
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, No a.It's not true.

Deepz asked, Is Dhoom-2 meant to be a competition or a show off to the hollywood movies ..that indian movies also can come out with full time action technically embeded stuff!!
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, No such thing it's just a film.Hope you like it.

Sanjay Gadhvi answers, NO!!

megha asked, which is ur favorite song in the movie?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Crazy Kiya Re...

rahul asked, When u will show D2 songs on Tv(currently only Crazy kiya is there).Is this a part of ur stratigy
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, More on the way...

riyaz asked, i am good rider. can i get chance in dhoom3?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Wear a helmet.Ride safely.No Dhoom3 for me.

gvreddy asked, what is Mr. A? A' for Ali ?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Mr.A is Aryan.Hrithik in the film...

preeti asked, why u have not taken isha deol.....i can predict that bcoz of aishwerya n bipasha u can lose ........ u must b knowing dhoom was at its success bcoz of john n u hav not taken him question wont this effect ur movie...these r the negative points which i told u now
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Please please understand that it's Jai and Ali's story.And will always be.Like Lethal Weapon. asked, what progress u saw in Abhishek from Dhoom to Dhoom 2
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, He is more relaxed and even more confident.He's a good guy to work with.

siddharth asked, hi sanjay , i would like to ask u if taking hrithik for John becoz of saleabilty or talent
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Suitability.

gvreddy asked, Is bipasha double role? if not who is the thisrd heroine for abhishek?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Too much to reveal! Watch the film and find out.

Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Well it's bigger, better and more expensive.You will be...i hope so.

riyaz asked, How you moved from romantic director to action oriented director ?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Quite easily.

rahul asked, Does HR die in the End of D2
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Maybe.Maybe not.

caroline asked, hiii i am from canada i love bollywood films and just want to say best of luck for dhoom 2
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Thanx a lot.

Raghav asked, Why is Mr. Gadhvi not replying?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, What is your question?

megha asked, did anyone get injured during the shooting?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, No injuries.All safe and sound.

nilotpal asked, come on man, plzz answer to one of my Qs. The latest one : we saw a rail line running through a DESERT in MUMMY RETURNS.Does the same railway line also feature in DHOOM2 ?????
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, This ones in Namibia.Only 'Flight of the Phoenix' was shot there.As far as I know...

Saurav asked, here in melbourne, its much hyped movie over here among indians
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, I think you guys are all going to like it.

mayaroshan asked, rumour says it that there is a kissing scene in the movie with hrithik and ash is it true since you said its a family movie ?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Kissing leads to a family.In D2 there might be, and then again...maybe not.See it to find out.Watch it with your family.The children will love it.

Sanjay Gadhvi answers, I don't think I am.Watch D2 and then tell me.

Raghav asked, Is there some connection with taking Bipasha Basu in this movie, considering you took John in the prequel?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Bips suited the role.That's it.And she is HOT!

jshree asked, do ash n ab jr have scenes together?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, All 5 actors have scene's with each other.

reema asked, which part did u like personally 1st or dis 1
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Naturally it's Dhoom2.Because I'm more experienced now.

Meghna asked, Why did u take pritam as ur music director.why not try himesh or take shankar ehsaan loy?do u think pritam did a gud job
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, I'm totally happy with Pritam.

jitu asked, what happened to rimi sen i loved her in the first movie she was damn sexy
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, And that's why she is pregnant in this film.You should have shown some restraint!You bad boy!

pari asked, who performed better aish or bipasha
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Both are hot.Both are cool.Don't ask a director this question.

sr asked, An action film like dhoom should not have many songs then why did u do 6 songs. Also the music is not as gluing as dhoom 1. should try different music director.
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Who says action films like Dhoom should not have songs? The music is very good.Pritam Rocks!

keith asked, Is dhoom an attempt to create a desi bond ?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, No it isn't.Bond is a secret agent.

pd asked, hi sanjay, all the best for dhoom2. by the look of it, it looks great. i am not getting tickets for the weekend as they are already sold out. can u put in a word , i need 13 tickets for a 9 p.m show anywhere in bandra. its my daughter's birthday(7) and she is dying to take her friends out
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, I think it is releasing in a lot of theatres.Globus, Suburbia and Gaiety are all playing Dhoom2.Try is always possible.

Saurabh asked, dont u feel dhoom/dhoom2 is something similar to oceans11/oceans12?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, No.Not at all.

sachya asked, Hi you do story boarding before you shoot? I really want to know.. pl dont ignore the question just because its technical
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Yes.For Dhoom and Dhoom2.In Dhoom2 we also did pre-visualisation.That is animatics, i.e. like cartoon of the entire action sequence.

chandan asked, MR S......... why aren't u entertaining my questions.. there are ten people in my room,who are waiting for your reply
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Ask your question again Chandan.I'm trying my best.

pushpi asked, Tell me one reason why sould i watch dhoom-2 if i have lots of hollywood movies better than Dhoom-2
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, For fultoo 'paisa-vasool' timepass.In that its better than any Hollywood movie.

amar asked, how different we gonna see aish in this movie?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Totally different.

sachya asked, uday chopra has a very well built body.. why cant he earn more money in body building than acting and thence pissing the audience off..
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Be polite sachya.Thats your personal opinion.There are a lot of people who like him as ALi.

Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Yes.

nashi asked, what are ur expectations from the film considering vivah a small budget film is a hit
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Success or failure has nothing to do with budgets.

saikat asked, hi sanjay, are you trained formally in any movie direction courses.
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, No.I just worked as an assitant but thats not neccesarily the way.In todays time I think film school is a must. Director Sanjay Gadhvi

CRAZYsudipto asked, Hi Sanjay..why is Yashraj maintaining such a low profile promotion for DHOOM?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Is it?

alok asked, Sanjay, When do you plan to move to another area and express your creativity there, Dont you think you are getting typecasted
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Not really.I will...if I make the same thing again after D2.

dhoom3 asked, Who is your favourite among dhoom 2 star cast tell us frankly?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Tough question.You see the film then I'll ask you.

chandan asked, i'm a great fan of Hrithik,n i want 2 c him rocking in dhoom:2.wat's ur take on that???
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.D2 Mindrocks!So does Hrithik.

Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Rajkumar Hirani.

CritiqueGill asked, In D2 promos I see a lot of repeated Abhishek jumping a bridge in a motor boat and firing shots...and Uday has still that yellow Hrithik shown as John's brother in D2?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, That's AB's introduction.Uday's too.No HR is not Johns brother.

kamal Arora asked, hi Sanjay ,Date decided for relaesing dhoom-2
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, 24th November.

abhay asked, hai sanjay
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Hi Abhay.

KV asked, Hi Sanjay, compared to other movies, the promotional activities of D2 are quite low-key..For example, there are only a couple of promos in the air and the audience has been given a decent glimpse into just one song "Crazy kiya re"..Agreed that the Dhoom brand is quite strong and good enough to lure audiences (including me!), but the pre-publicity craze seems to be missing..Are you looking at ramping up the on-air promos soon, or are you following only a target-market strategy with co-branding, etc.?
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Tough question.Post it on the YRF website.

Aditya asked, Whom do u think has the most stellar role in the movie? Like whom wud audience love the most according to you....
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Everyone will like Hrithik.The girls especially.

dhoom3 asked, Expectation are pretty high from dhoom2 specially after Krrish, is it gonna be a challenge??
Sanjay Gadhvi answers, It's not like Krrish AT ALL.But yes it was a challenge.

Sanjay Gadhvi answers, Raj Kapoor, Guru Dutt, Manmohan Desai, Anurag Basu,Rakeysh Mehra. A short holiday after Dhoom2. Have signed a film outside of yrf. Wish me luck!.

Sanjay Gadhvi says, Thank you everyone.It was wonderful to chat with you all.Go watch D2 in the theatres. D2 MINDROCKS!!

Photographs: Reuben

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