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Spider-Man 3 casts its web

By Aabhas Sharma in New Delhi
Last updated on: May 04, 2007 13:01 IST
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Tobey Maguire might be spinning webs to save New York City from the evils of the world, but marketers in India are spinning webs around one of the most awaited movies of the year.

Percept Pictures, which is marketing Spider-Man 3 in the country, has roped in as many as eight brands for promotions around the movie.

Says Navin Shah, CEO, P9 Integrated, "This is probably the first time any Hollywood movie has got so many sponsors." Percept Pictures would be spending close to Rs 10 crore (Rs 100 million) on marketing activities around the movie.

Brands such as Ceat, Baskin Robbins, HDFC Standard Life, Yamaha and are some of the brands that are doing promotions around the movie.

For instance, Baskin Robbins has launched limited edition ice cream called Spiderman flavours, which will have extra cream in the form of a web. HDFC has launched a campaign depicting security and protection, something it says is associated with Spiderman.

Sony Ericsson, meanwhile, has launched four special edition handsets before the release of the movie. The handsets come loaded with features like Spiderman games, movie clips and wallpapers.

Says Sudhin Mathur, general manager, Sony Ericsson, India, "We are confident that these fun phones with customised Spider-Man 3 features will be a hit with customers."

Sony Ericsson was also associated with Spider-Man 2 and has done promotional activities around Hollywood movies such as Casino Royale and Star Wars.

PVR Cinemas, too, is planning a lot of activities around the movie's release. For instance, special Spiderman masks are being distributed among children going for the movie along with a goodies bag.

Says Gautam Datta, marketing head, PVR Cinemas, "It's a movie with huge fan following and deserves a special kind of buzz, and we are doing just that."

Spidey might not have the legendary fan following of James Bond, but there are enough fans and marketers looking to enhance that base!
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Aabhas Sharma in New Delhi

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