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We will be number one in India: Airbus

By Aneesh Phadnis
October 16, 2014 17:14 IST
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IndiGo’s mega order for 250 Airbus A320 aircraft will propel Airbus into the top position in India’s narrow-bodied aircraft market, Kiran Rao, the aircraft manufacturer’s executive vice-president, has said.

“Even before this deal, Airbus A320 was the main aircraft for Indian carriers.

"We are in a dominant position.

"If you look at our orders, we will be number one for the next 10 years.

"When Vistara and AirAsia India expand, they will also choose Airbus and not switch fleets,” he added.

“IndiGo’s latest order is win-win for us.

"The airline is actually good for India, too, as it will help start new routes and boost the economy.

"We are manufacturing more than 40 planes a month, but the demand is quite high. Delivery slots for the A320neo are scare.

"IndiGo has locked in with a good price.

"It gives us good visibility, too,” Rao added.

About 170 Airbus aircraft operate in India. Since 2005, the company has accounted for about 60 per cent of new aircraft orders from India.

While Airbus has scored over Boeing with a string of large orders in the narrow-bodied segment, the latter seems to have an edge in the wide-bodied market in India.

For international operations, Air India and Jet Airways largely rely on Boeing’s wide-bodied planes.

However, Rao is confident the Airbus A330neo will find buyers in India.

“The A330neo will be the next big story for us. It holds potential in the clogged domestic trunk routes in India.”

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Aneesh Phadnis in Mumbai
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