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Get set, assassinate, but virtually

By Kakoli Chakraborty
March 28, 2016 16:50 IST
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Hitman is sure to keep you engrossed for hours

Fictional assassins have always had a special place in people’s hearts.

Though they’re carrying out heinous deeds, the way they execute their missions with style leaves a lasting impression on many.

Think of Clive Owen’s character in The Bourne Identity.

His 'The Professor’ is a suave gentleman with a deadly skill.

In one scene, he’s the inconspicuous piano teacher and in the next, he’s wielding a sniper rifle. Though he plays a negative character, the character is a hit with audiences.

So, it’s natural for the Hitman series to be a popular video game franchise.

IO Interactive-developed Hitman, the sixth in the series, combines a lethal talent with style.

Published by Square Enix, it is an action-adventure stealth game which is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

I got my hands on the PS4 version of the game.

The prologue of the game acts as a prequel to the entire series while the main game is set after the events of Hitman: Absolution.

The world for this instalment is much bigger than its predecessors. 

The best part is the numerous ways in which you can execute a mission.

You play as the infamous Agent 47 working with the  International Contract Agency or the ICA.

During the prologue, one has to complete two missions which also serve as tutorials. It might seem easy at first but it’s definitely no child’s play.

Unlike the Grand Theft Auto series, you can’t just waltz in and shoot whoever you want to. You have to carefully plan your mission and choose a disguise without raising suspicions.

Here, the game’s almost perfect artificial intelligence comes into play.

If you happen to be in an area where you’re not supposed to be without the proper disguise, the HUD will alert you that you’re trespassing.

If you don’t relent, the guards will ask you to leave or escort you out. But if you’re really obstinate, the guards will come out guns blazing and that would be the end of you.

During the first main-game mission, taking place in a palace in Paris during a fashion show, I almost threw away my controller in frustration mainly because I messed up and was gunned down in a couple of minutes.

The objective is to assassinate a couple -- Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis -- who run an infamous spy ring called IAGO.

It took me 11 runs to “almost” master the craft. On my 12th run, I was able to finish the mission in 15 minutes flat compared to the three hours that I spent on my second run.

But, even after that, I came across various areas in the game world which I didn’t even know existed.

Needless to say, Hitman left me awestruck.

The game is intelligent to say the least and you are required to use your grey cells to execute missions and rake up points.

As of now, only the Paris mission is playable.

The next mission will be released in April.

If you purchase the “Full Experience” pack, the rest of the episodes are free. For the “Intro pack”, episodes except the first one need to be bought separately.

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Kakoli Chakraborty
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