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Some golden stocks you could look at

February 19, 2009 09:11 IST
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The markets gave a thumbs down to the Interim Budget 2009-10 and investors lost close to Rs 1 trillion on Monday itself.

As the market breath remains negative, the investors continue to remain a confused lot. What strategy should you adopt? Which stocks to buy, sell and hold?

Stock market expert Rajan Malik, national head for the Private Client Group Equity Advisory for Anand Rathi Securities, replied to many such readers' queries during a live chat on on Wednesday.

Mr Malik has over 20 years experience in the financial markets.

Here is the transcript:

rajan says, Good Afternoon

asdw asked, CAN anyone TELL abt SATYAM what is its future??
rajan answers,  at 2009-02-18 15:38:47While satyam would be taken over, questions will remain on its value and ultimate offer price.
alusamosa asked, please tell 4-5 stocks which are the best buys @CMP for long term perspective. Thanx
rajan answers, Reliance Ind, RCom, Voltas, Sterlite Ind, Maruti.
priyank asked, i have 500 shares of ispat...
rajan answers, Hold
Mukesh asked, How is reliance power and India Infoline stock ?
rajan answers, Avoid Both.
shashwat asked, 10 hot stockes to observe
rajan answers, Reliance Ind, RCom, Voltas, Sterlite, Maruti, Bajaj Auto,IDFC,Colgate, NTPC
kkk asked, plz tell me the golden stock??
rajan answers, Reliance Communication
NF asked, What's your view on SESA GOA. Lots of news about it's growth perspective for the next year. Thanks
rajan answers, Lots of Cash on Hand, but iron ore prices moving down with little scope of major recovery.Share will be range bound.
viksun asked, How do you see Infosys & TCS? Shall one accumulate them?
rajan answers, Technology is currently an avoid.
rajeshshenoi1 asked,  dear sir i have 250 canarabnk@210,400 federalbank@150,110 reliancecapital@470,100 rpower @110,1500 satyam@75,1000 sakuma@7 pls help
rajan answers, Your share are market performers, satyam & Skumar you can sell
rajan answers, Hold
Avick asked, UNITEC buy @ 34 & RNRL buy @ 50 , Wht price to sell and how much time to wait ??
rajan answers, RNRL is an avoid. Unitech you should get out when you break even.
ajaydubey asked, what will be the future of HDIL, Rajesh Exports...
rajan answers, Hold on to HDIL, Avoid Rajesh Exports
navya asked, Hi I bought 1400 Karuturi global at 14...what is the outlook?
rajan answers, Avoid
Rajan Malik asked, It is better to go in DLF rather than any other real estste share.
rajan answers, Yes
Rick asked, Hi ... is this a good time to invest in TATA STEEL? Also, what do you think about the positions of RELIANCE NATURAL and RELIANCE PETROLEUM in the near and long term
rajan answers, Wait
jhhg asked, Why r u positive on RCOM, is it just becoz of GSM launch? There is so muhc competition in the sector and margins are going to fall, so what is the use of buying such stocks which also have accounting issues like the mark-to-market forex losses being recorded in the balance sheet instead of P&L A/c?!?!
rajan answers, Valuations discount accounting issues and do not fully take into account potential GSM growth.
AbhishekGupta asked, I have 100 shares of Bank of Baroda at Rs. 233. What should I do?
rajan answers, Hold
rehman mallik asked, what about HDFC
rajan answers, Good Quality stock for long term Investment
ShakendraSingh asked, What's the near term future of Cairns India?
rajan answers, we believe that it is slightly over priced
ramu123 asked, How about OnMobile, VAS company?
rajan answers, Good company with a good business model
nu asked, hi, how does reliance petro looks from long terms perspective
rajan answers, Refining margins are under pressure for all refiners, better to switch to Reliance Ind
Prashanth asked, wat is the position of Gujarat NRE stock, can i purchase this stock
rajan answers, All mineral companies have witnessed substantial falls. It is unlikely demand will pick up substantially in the near future.
msrao asked, Between Unitech and DLF, which is better to invest?
rajan answers, DLF
hju asked, I have 400 shrs of GDL(gateway distiparks) what to do?
rajan answers, Convert
BlueChipStock asked, IB Real Estate is also gd in Realty
rajan answers, Yes
akmal asked, i bought 2000 satyam shares @ 21 Rs. till when can i hold it ?
rajan answers, Take money off the table
Stockpicker asked, what do you think about pharma companies like Dr Reddys and Ranbaxy?
rajan answers, While Reddy's is fine ,Ranbaxy has litigation concerns in the U. S
rajan answers, Currently Two Wheelers , FMCG ,Power and TElecom.
nagpapu asked, I have 180 ICICI Bank Shares, Reliance power 17, BEML 5
rajan answers, Hold
kavish asked, can i invest in equities by taking a personal loan. Liquidity crunch but all the stocks are undervalued - so growth will be there. what do you advise ,sir?
rajan answers, Avoid leveraging .
dinesh chauhan asked, is DLF worth buying at todays level?
rajan answers, You willl probably get it cheaper
clasic asked, tell me about neyveli lignite and powergrid
rajan answers, Both defensive and fine in the current market scenario
seb2 asked, wats ur expectation on nifty for tomorrow
rajan answers, should head down
santanu asked, what about investing in infrastructures companies like L& T , SIL & Punj Lyod?
rajan answers, engineering companies are facing price renegotiations and fresh orders will slow down.
nbansal asked, futur of suzlon energy
rajan answers, looks fine
bd asked, what abt BHEL, L&T
rajan answers, Bhel is outperforming on the expectation of larger Govt order flow. Generally both will be impacted by capex cycle slowdowns
vipul asked, I have purches 2000 shares of Alok Industries @16, would like to know about the prospects of the company and likely short term target
rajan answers, Industry under pressure which does not look like it would end soon
ricky asked, bharti it god buy at current levels
rajan answers, Yes but even Bharti will fall if the market goes down. Try and accumulate on panics
rajan answers, While HPCL looks ok, there is general weakness in banking stocks
uttam asked, What do you about ICICI bank stock?
rajan answers, Good value from a medium term perspective.
scool asked, MAhindra and Mahindra for a short term @ 275
rajan answers, Maruti's recent sales figures look better and hence the pick in the sector.
vgtvgt asked, how are the media stocks & which will be outperformer?
rajan answers, Expensive but IBN 18 looks the best.
vishal kol asked, i hv LT @1400 what i do .
rajan answers, hold
vinuj asked, I have 100 Shares of satyam@56 what should i do ?
rajan answers, sell
sun asked, What about MindTree at CMP?
rajan answers, avoid
sumeet asked, How good is JP associates at this time ?
rajan answers, should get it cheaper and buy on declines
alusamosa asked, sir your take on ongc plz
rajan answers, Reliance Inds would be the best bet in the sector
dfgdfg asked, tell me 3 hot midcap stocks except Reliance
rajan answers, Reliance is not a mid cap stock. You could look at Voltas ,Bartronics,GlaxoSmithkline Consumer
rajeshkb asked, will satyam cross Rs100 barrier this year
rajan answers, Unlikely in the near term but fortunes will depend on who takes it over.
Ash asked, I have invested in GILT funds.. any chance of appreciation
rajan answers, You should already be in money. In any case we feel that interest rates will go down from current levels
Deepak T asked, Mr. Rajan, how do u recommend RCOM to the grpup here. If u c, the EPS for the quarter is same as that of IDEA. Kindly get the fundamental financials bfore recommending. RCOM will go to 100 odd levels for sure
rajan answers, GSM was launched only this quarter and growth will start to come in after two quarters. If the market tanks ,RCOM could fall too
avismail asked, Your views on GOLD ETF's? is this is good time to buy Gold?Whats the target?
rajan answers, Gold has already appreciated substatially but we feel there is further scope of appreciation.
panchal_krunal asked, i hv areva 250shares @ 200, what should i do?
rajan answers, Areva is a quality Power transmission and distribution player. It is likely to perform well over the medium term
KennyRogers asked, I have 200 shares of Chennai Petro at Rs. 280. Now it has fallen to Rs. 105 due to disastrous results, due to falling crude oil prices. What Should I do? Should I add more?
rajan answers, Should not average even though valuations are looking very cheap . Refinig margins are under severe pressure
tins asked, what r ur views on Bank of India?
rajan answers, Very aggressive and good treasury managers. High Beta stock .
golden asked, Hi Rajan, what is your opinion about Opto Circuits?
rajan answers, Good stock to buy.
sastri asked, what about sintex in medium term
rajan answers, Recent results were not very good and construction slowdown is likely to hurt . asked, hi i am holding JPAssociate 1000@76 ... What should i dO ? Plz Tell me /
rajan answers, keep Rs 61 as stop loss. If it goes down best to book loss.
irfan asked, can i invest in satyam computers ?
rajan answers, avoid
panchal_krunal asked, i hv tata motors 225 @ 145 shoudl i wait
rajan answers, major concerns on JLR deal and subsequent debt.
cln asked, goden stock to buy with two month propective
rajan answers, Colgate
sdsaf asked,  but what about RCOM ARPUs which are certainly going to fall with GSM subs being low-end?!? Also higher network oepration costs due to GSM launch will pressurise margins. So how come u r still positive on it?
rajan answers, It is changing the initial launch offers. It will take a pie of the other existing GSM players . Two major concerns ,one on the value added services treatmentand the other on the accounting lapses seem factored in the current price and the discounting for FY10.
ghoshspeaks asked, should i buy idfc stock now
rajan answers, safe
sanjay joshi asked, whats the future for tata steel
rajan answers, steel price outlook do not look very bright.
Krishnendu asked, I have Indiabulls at higher level..Should I average it now?
rajan answers, no
asg asked, is this right time to invest in market....?
rajan answers, in a staggered manner
vish25 asked, Where do you See Mkt. is heading toward in next6-12 months
rajan answers, marginally down now and then a recovery
arifanwer asked, wat is ur opinion on rpl and gmr infra
rajan answers, convert rpl to reliance inds and hold gmr
Vats!!! asked, Am Holding Maytas 50 @ 175.. Bought another 50 at 51... So my avg is 113... What should i do now? rajan answers, Do not think averaging is a good idea. That would be all for today . Thank You All
put asked, i want to select among these cipla, lupin, nicholas piramal, aurobindo pharma. Plzz advice???
rajan answers, Lupin
rajan says,  Thank You and Good Bye
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