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Which company introduced the Blackberry?

May 09, 2007 07:39 IST

BlackBerry, the wireless email solution for mobile professionals is quite a fad now. It provides easy access to your business email wherever you go. But how much do you know about this quintessential gadget? Take the rediff business quiz to find out.

Biz Quiz is best viewed in Internet Explorer (IE) and Netscape above version 6.0.

1. Which company introduced the Blackberry?
a) Motorola
b) Nokia
c) Research In Motion (or RIM)

2. BlackBerry derives its name from?
a) Strawberry
b) Crackberry
c) Blueberries

3. In which country is RIM based?
a) France
b) Finland
c) Canada

4. Which BlackBerry model was introduced in white?
a) BlackBerry Pearl
b) BlackBerry Curve
c) BlackBerry Charm

5. What is the lightest BlackBerry called?
a) BlackBerry 8100
b) BlackBerry 8800
c) BlackBerry 8300

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Compiled by: Manu A B