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Who invented the light bulb?

April 27, 2007 09:49 IST
Lights & lamps

Tube light is a slang used to describe nitwits. We are all too familiar with the bulb switching on in comic stips. And, of course, they save us from having to live in the dark ages. But how much do you know about lights and lamps? Take the rediff business quiz to find out.

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1. Who invented the neon lamp?
a) William Murdoch
b) Charles F Brush
c) Georges Claude

2. General Electric is a result of a merger between which two companies?
a) Edison General Electric Co and Thomson-Houston Electric Co
b) Brush Electric Co and American Electric Co
c) Swan Electric Light Co and Westinghouse Electric Co

3. Who invented the light bulb?
a) Henry Woodward and Matthew Evans
b) Thomas A Edison and Joseph Wilson Swan
c) All of them contributed

4. Lamp is a derivative of a
a) Greek word
b) Japanese word
c) Egyptian word

5. Kerosene lamp was first introduced in. . .?
a) China
b) India
c) Germany

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Compiled by: Rediff Business Desk