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What makes the new Audi Q7 a great buy

By Rachit Hirani
March 10, 2015 13:05 IST
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The next-generation Q7 should make its way into India by this year end.

Audi was a hit in India with its SUVs, thanks to its size, space and even road presence not to forget the LEDs.

The same trend even continued with the sedans and soon the sales figures for the manufacturer from Ingolstadt were on the rise. We get our hands on the 2015 Audi Q7.

Let’s find out how good is it.

Audi was one of the first luxury car brands to get the LED trend in India and Q7 was one of the models to get it.

There hasn’t been a major change in the LED design even of the current Q7. The Q7 was one of the best selling full-size luxury SUVs, however now it does feel aged in exterior styling.

To be honest, it still does stand out but the newer range of SUVs certainly feel a bit more young and fresh in styling.

The large front grille with chrome slats is similar to that of the other Audi SUVs. The Q7 also gets Audi’s new dynamic badging, so instead of the 3.0 TDI it now gets 35 TDI.

The interior styling of the Q7 does feel a generation old, especially when you compare it to the other Audi’s that are currently on sale.

Most of the competitors don’t have anything exciting either, but Audi has raised the bar itself with its new range of sedans and SUVs, while the Q7 does look older in comparison to them.

Still, the quality is good and even fit and finish is very German— inch-perfect. The bells and whistles on offer in Q7 are at par with the competition. The Bose music system is certainly a good system to possess.

It gets three-rows of panoramic row, however it is the third row, which has manual opening for the moon-roof. There is no electronic handbrake, it gets a foot operated one, and there are two different buttons to start and stop the engine.

The first row seats are large and comfortable, with good side, back and thigh support. The seats are comfortable and they are well bolstered too. One very good aspect about the front row of seats, is the position of the seats.

One sits in a commanding position and good visibility of road. The second row of seating too is comfortable however this row can accommodate only two people. The arm rest also a large stowage space with a remote for the rear passengers, which also has the MMI system in-built in it.

There are third rows of seats, however these are meant of children. The third row of seats can be folded, but they are manual, while today’s competition offers it as electric. The boot of the Q7 is large enough and there is sufficient space at the back when the third row of seats is folded.

Audi has plonked in a 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine in the Q7, which churns out 245bhp of power and 550Nm of maximum torque. This is one of the most popular engines from Audi and powers a lot more sedans and SUVs.

Push the throttle and you are already cruising in excess of 100km/hr. Despite the body weight and size, the 3.0-litre V6 does a good job, and generally buyers pick the V6 engines over the V8 as that has excess power. The 3.0-litre V6 can cruise with ease and is highly fuel-efficient too.

This V6 engine has a good punch and this oil burner comes mated to an eight-speed transmission. At 100km/hr, the engine shifts into the top cog while cruising, which improves it fuel-efficiency. The Audi Q7 is a mile-muncher and a great and comfortable tourer.

The ride of the Q7 is pliant, and you realize how good the suspension is when you drive on bad and broken tarmac, and even at higher speeds on bad roads, you do not feel a thing.

Even in the Dynamic mode, the ride isn’t stiff and it is well sorted. The handling of the Q7 is good, it doesn’t wallow too much even on tight corners, especially in the Dynamic mode.
One downside of the Q7 is that, unlike other Audis, the steering doesn’t weigh-up in the Dynamic mode as much as it does in other Audis.

The Audi Q7 Technology variant costs Rs 88 lakhs (on-road), which is cheaper than competitors.

The Q7 is older than competitiors and it is more affordable too. This is the most car-like driving SUV amongst all the three German luxury SUVs. So, the Audi Q7 is certainly a great buy.

If you have the bucks and are willing to wait, then the next-generation Q7 should make its way into India by this year end, else the current Q7 is a good option to pick.

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Rachit Hirani
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