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Volkswagen Polo: A sporty and stylish car that will excite you

April 05, 2016 16:17 IST

The Volkswagen Polo GT TDI has been one of the most exciting cars in the garage.

It looks like a regular Polo but have a look at those GT badges, they add some drama and adrenaline to the driving experience.

We spend a good while with the Polo GT TDI doing around 2,500 kms and find out how is it to live with a performance oriented Polo. 

If you want to experience pure German car feel then the Volkswagen Polo ticks all the right boxes.

The simple yet smart European design cues makes the Polo look up to date and the styling is such that it offends none.

However, we feel they should have provided some cosmetic changes such as sportier bumpers or dark alloys to differentiate between the regular Polo.

Still it gets some unique elements such as black ORVMs and gloss black rear spoiler.

The interiors are well built and feel solid even after a long duration of use.

The GT TDI comes with all-black treatment, which further makes it look sporty and driver focussed.

The flat-bottom steering is the most attractive part of the cabin and it also feels great to hold having all the necessary controls of the audio system, Bluetooth telephony and more.

The speakers churn out good sound quality but the infotainment system looks a tad old now with basic interface, it should get a touch screen with navigation system.

Rear seats are best suited for two adults since the middle passenger has limited legroom and shoulder room. 

The main action lies under the hood of the Volkswagen Polo GT TDI.

The 1.5-litre diesel mill produces 15 horses more along with 20 Nm more torque compared to the regular Polo.

There is considerable turbo lag under 2000 RPM but once you pass this mark, it goes like a raging bull. 250 Nm of torque is available bang in the mid-range which shoots the German hatch ahead with relentless acceleration that you won’t find in other cars belonging to the same segment or even higher. 

Mated to the 1.5-litre diesel motor is a 5-speed manual transmission.

The clutch feels a bit on the heavier side which might be troublesome in dense traffic conditions.

The first gear gets a short ratio which cuts the lag to some extent for bumper to bumper driving conditions.

Second gear onwards the Polo pulls longer and hits the ton within no time and continues to accelerate strongly till 160 km/hr.

The NVH levels are impressive and the oil burner is a free revving unit with a 5000 RPM + redline.

On the highway with gentle throttle input, it returned a fuel efficiency of 16 km/l but the worst we got was 10 km/l. 

The suspension of the Polo with the latest update has been improved a bit with better damping and it doesn't crash on big potholes.

The ride is extremely flat and very stable at triple digit speeds providing great confidence.

The GT TDI along with its great power is very flickable too having crisp handling.

The German hatch knows its line very well and doesn’t disappoint while cornering hard.

The steering feedback is predictable but could be more precise.

Braking performance is strong but with having more power under the hood, VW should now offer rear discs on the GT models. 

The Volkswagen Polo GT TDI might look a bit pricey but is a perfect car for driving enthusiasts.

It comes with an attractive package of classy styling, sporty interiors, German drivability and top notch safety.

The carmaker offers dual front airbags and ABS as standard and the Polo has scored full 5 stars in Euro NCAP crash tests, which makes it the safest hatch in its segment.

Living with the GT TDI was quite a delightful experience as you have more than enough power and sweet driving dynamics to play with. 

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