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NSE trading now on your mobile

May 08, 2006 16:59 IST

Quotes of scrips traded at the National Stock Exchange will now be available on mobile phones thanks to an innovation by Bangalore based Live MarketWatch Solutions.

Company founder Brijesh Patel, announcing the launch of Live MarketWatch, told newsmen that for the first time the rates would be available on mobile and trading could be carried based on the prices. Details including current share prices, fluctuation in share prices, graph on the trading on your mobile would be available on the mobile phones.

"This will avoid time taken to study the scrip movement and time spent to contact broker for details and orders can be placed for selling or buying shares," he added.

Company chief executive officer Ganesh Yala, the brain behind this innovation, said that out of seven million investors 98 per cent depend upon telephone for knowing the current share prices.

More than 900 scrips worth about Rs 50 crore were (Rs 500 million) traded every day.

In the Live Market Watch two sites have been created -- one to help large investors and another for middle class investors.

Patel said that there was a proposal to include BSE, Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange connected on Live MarketWatch.


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