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Logan vs Indigo: Who's the winner?

By Renuka Kirpalani & Karthikeya Singhee
June 13, 2007 09:22 IST
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There have been so many cars that have been launched in India and if you are looking to buy one, then it might be quite confusing to pick the right one. So, we've decided to make life easy for you and begin by comparing two cars -- the Mahindra Logan and the Tata Indigo.

The Mahindra-Renault Logan has the right credentials and was built by Renault as a spacious, value-for-money sedan and with Mahindra obseessed with keeping their manufacturing costs down, they have given us the vlaue buy SUV -- the Scorpio. So, should it be worrying the Indigo?

Unitl now, Tata was the only one to offer the right diesel car in the entry-level segment. The comfortable and spacious Indigo offers decent performance and an affordable price but it does have niggling reliability issues. And that is where the Logan steps in and eats into its market.

The Logan flaunts its European built heritage. It has got a hardy 1.5 rail engine that has got a meagre 65 bhp but it's virtually fault-free and a flawless gear box that never misses a shift adds to its appeal. The engine feels nice and smooth and feels nice to drive, although it's a bit noisy to the ears. But despite the Logan's 65 bhp as against the Indigo's 70 bhp, the Logan still accelerates better and the car feels far more drive-able.

Well, though the Logan is faster but if you want to go from 0-100 kms really fast, then it's got to be in the Indigo Dicor. Its 70bhp CRDi engine is  a rev happy creature. Its peakier torque deliver not only hampers overtaking but even affects the fuel efficiency figures.

The Indigo's low rpm slack gives the Logan the advantage in in-gear acceleration, which means to make the most of the Indigo you got to keep it above the 2000 rpm mark. But in flat out acceleration runs, the Indigo's over 2 seconds faster to 100.

In the looks department, people may go with the Indigo on the outside but the Logan may win with its interiors, which is ironically, underwhelming and simple. Though, the Indigo's interiors are much cooler, but loses out in terms of finish. It just doesn't feel as solid and well put together as the Logan.

So, the Logan is much wider even with three people in the back seat. But the Indigo is the one with more legroom space with the seat pulled up or reclining. On the other hand, the Logan has more headroom, so it's a toss up between whether you have long legs or you are tall.

The Logan rides confidently on its McPherson gas struts and its simple H-type suspension in the rear cater to the Indian roads, making this car feel reliable. The Indigo is not a small car but when I stepped into the Logan, We were swept away. There is such a sense of space. What really worked for me was that it has such a superb ride and handling composition. The ride is cushy whiel the handling is taut.

All that works for the Logan but what works in the Indigo's favour is the lower road noise filtering through to the cabin and the engine is also more silent. What is not so okay is the driving position - the pedals are high, the steering wheel is not in as comfortable a position, as it is in the Logan. The Logan is the ergonomically better car to drive and it does have the better airconditioner, especially in this scorching heat.

We also felt the Indigo's soft ride was a bit too wallowy and it can make things uncomfortable for the person in the back seat, when you take the corners. So, the Indigo has a comfortable back seat, comfortable ride and it offers more goodies than the Logan, so it's more value for money.

But when we talk about the complete package, it seems more refined and seems better put together. It's got great ride-handling compromise and better interiors, so the Logan seems to come out looking a shade better than the Indigo.

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