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Rediff News  All News  » Business » 'My true love is my laptop'

'My true love is my laptop'

February 23, 2006 10:09 IST

Alekhya Talapatra, Country Manager (Defence & Security, Public Sector Sales), Customer Solutions Group, Hewlett-Packard India speaks about his technology habits.

What's in your pocket? 

Nokia 7810 mobile. You can trust a Nokia with a blind eye and when it comes to latest designs, Nokia has never been found wanting on that front too. As far as features are concerned, it looks a little odd when people carry their laptops and brick-sized PDAs together.

First crush?

I have a crush on the latest video iPod by Apple. I'm a music freak and the video iPod is one hell of a machine to carry in your pocket. It's fun watching your favourite music videos while you unwind with desired music, that too digital quality, playing into your ears. It is a perfect travel companion especially during the day-long flights to US and Canada.

Your True love?

My true love is my laptop. It means the life to me. I have to have it at my disposal always as my work requires me to be connected anytime anywhere.

Latest squeeze?

The latest wireless gizmos appearing on the scene fascinate me a lot. Especially the Bluetooth earphones - they are getting smaller with each passing day and give me a 'Star Track' feel while I put them on.

What makes you mad?

I go mad when the connectivity goes off. It's like cutting the lifeline. It is extremely frustrating for me to just sit out and wait to be connected again.

What would you most love to see?

I have a fascination for just anything wireless. It is still some time before it is deployed on a mass scale in India. There should be a hot spot just about anywhere one goes - the way we have it in the developed countries. Besides, I would love to see the wearable phones hitting the Indian market. They are small enough to be worn as a watch, bracelet or a pendant.

Your biggest tech disaster?

I haven't had any tech disaster so far but would dread one - something like when my notebook goes for a toss or I 'manage' to spill something on my phone.

If money was no object?

If money was no object, my wish list would include the video iPod and the best professional digital camera available in the world.

PC or MAC?

MAC, MAC and  just MAC . It spells colour, vivacity and has a touch of youth to it.

Linux or Windows?

None. Why do we have only two choices here when we can choose amidst many in other spheres. I may go in for an OpenVMS if given a choice.

Google or not?

Life would have been one big 'Googley' without the search engine. Their latest version of mail is taking everyone by storm.

How wrong have you been?

More often than desirable and I may be wrong in saying this too.
Priyanka Joshi