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'I'm in love with ipod photo'

December 16, 2005 11:45 IST

Shantanu Ghosh, director, BindView India reveals their technology habits

What's in your pocket?
My Blackberry wireless handless device on which I can get my email anytime, anywhere. I head a R & D organisation
for a global company with customers in different time zones. Having secure email access at all times is definitely a big thing.

First crush?
My Apple Newton - one of the earliest success stories in the history of handheld computers. Many features, which are
standard in current handheld devices, were introduced first by Apple.

Your True Love?
That has to be my iPod Photo with its iTrip attachment. With the iTrip, I'm able to transmit my songs from the iPod
to my car's FM radio. This makes those long road trips during the weekend very pleasing to the ears. The iPod photo also lets me carry zillions of songs, photos and other files in my jacket pocket at all times.

Latest squeeze?
The Bose acoustic noise-canceling headphones. With the headphones on, you can barely hear the jet engines even when no songs are playing.

What makes you mad?
Why a tech savvy nation cannot get its act together in quickly overhauling its dismal infrastructure - primarily
the roads and power generation problems. Technology and innovation have to touch more of our people in solving their basic problems.

What would you most love to see?
A 'Made in India' software that would redefine markets and showcases India's software engineering capabilities even more prominently.

Your biggest tech disaster?
Our inability to predict the proliferation of the internet and the impact it would have. I worked on the development of some very 'cool' wireless protocols and products that were rendered obsolete due to the Internet. That was my first close encounter with the massive changes and disruptions that happen with the advent of new technologies.

If money was no object?
All of us who are part of the IT revolution in India have made or are making more money than our previous
generations did. What I value most now are those things that money can't buy.

Google or not?
Google. Big can be beautiful too.

As told to Priyanka Joshi