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Great gizmos to tempt you

December 13, 2004 13:06 IST

We list three terrific, tempting products that will soon be here in India.

The Sony NH-HD3 ($400)

Sony has launched the Sony NW-HD3, a new addition to its Network Walkman range. As well as playing music in Sony's ATRAC3plus format, the Sony NW-HD3 is also an MP3 player.

It has a 30-hour battery life, is available in four colour variations and has a range of features aimed at fans of portable music.

The built-in 20 GB hard disc can hold the equivalent of 13,000 tracks or 900 CDs worth of music when using high-quality ATRAC3plus audio compression technology.

It offers 30 hours of uninterrupted playtime from a single battery charge and withstands almost all kinds of movement to deliver a skip-free performance.

Specially developed G-Sensor technology enables the hard disc to resist impact to protect your music or other data. Its aluminium body makes it light to carry, and the four colour variations of silver, black, pink, and red have been selected to provide a myriad of refreshing options.

The IPod Bose ($299)

Bose's new SoundDock digital music system works with your third- or fourth-generation Apple IPod (or IPod Mini) music player, simultaneously charging it and blaring your tunes.

The sleek device is expensive but produces good, clear sound.

The SoundDock unit has just two buttons (for volume), but Bose includes a credit-card-size remote to control volume, select tracks, play or pause songs, and turn the power on or off. To dig deeper, you have to manipulate the IPod itself.

Despite its modest size, the SoundDock isn't too easy to carry around: it doesn't run off batteries, and it doesn't feel particularly durable. But it may be the way to add music to a bedroom or other space using your IPod.

Samsung's DLP (Digital Light Processing) TV (Rs 2.4-4 lakh)

After the LCD and plasma screens, Samsung has now launched its DLP (Digital Light Processing) TV, which uses the latest high-quality projection technology used in business, home and commercial display products.

At the heart of DLP technology is the digital micromirror device (DMD): a fast reflective digital light switch comprising up to 1.3 million microscopic mirrors, each capable of switching on and off more than 5,000 times per second.

Five of these mirrors equal the width of one human hair. The picture is created from the tiny mirrors tilting back and forth reflecting light, thus making the picture tubes redundant.

Samsung DLP TVs give you a picture with a detail of as many as 134 million colours.
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