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Football fanatic? 5 Must haves

June 17, 2006 04:03 IST

With football fever reaching frenzied heights, one can easily spot Zidanes, Beckhams and Ronaldinihos roaming across the streets in the country. Here's what you should have if you want to be a part of the football mania.


Whether they're original or fake, jerseys of your favourite teams -- and superstars -- are a huge fad. Naturally, they should be a part of your wardrobe for the next month. Adidas and Nike have jerseys and T-shirts of teams like France, England, Germany, Brazil and Portugal.

While the likes of Beckham, Zidane and Ronaldo are still popular, young and upcoming players like Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo and Aregntina's Lionel Messi are gaining popularity too.

The jerseys are priced a little over Rs 500 and come in various styles. A T-shirt with Zidane's image will cost Rs 800 and who knows, it might just become a collector's item once the great man hangs up his boots after World Cup 2006.


Brazil bandanas and caps are very popular in India. Neutral supporter? Then go in for cap and shorts that scream Germany. Available at leading stores all over the country.


These are a must for soccer fans. Coming in a variety of sizes in local markets and malls alike, flaunt these flags in the office, or pick up a huge one to display on the walls of your room.

The Brazil flag looks awesome in its green and gold, complete with shining Samba kings. Step into your neighbourhood market and you'll find a variety of flags. If you are brand conscious, then malls are your safest bet. Here's a piece of advice: frame the flag to avoid the threads falling apart.


Archies is offering a wide range of football related knick-knacks. Mugs are priced at Rs 300 and are a big favourite this World Cup season. If you want to be constantly reminded of the next Brazil or the next England game, then buy a mug with Beckham's or Ronaldiniho's face plastered on it.

It's a good idea to place it on your office desk and think of the next soccer game. At Archies, special pillows bearing names of players along with wristbands, key chains and even special water bottles are up for grabs. These are great gifting options for similar football-manic friends.


This is priced at Rs 20,000. You can plug the latest FIFA World Cup '06 CD and it's an excellent option compared to actually being there.

Visit default.aspx and for more information.

Finally, settle down to watching the match in style. We'd reckon a comfortable sofa to sink into, with a plasma screen for that special effect and chilled beer for company.

Aabhas Sharma in New Delhi