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'Animation will boom in India'

October 26, 2004 20:35 IST
markfaber : ramesh, i am sure whether i should ask this. . . when u started invested when u came back from US, how much money u started with????thanks
Ramesh S Damani : hello everyone thanks for joininglets start. Very small amounts. I did not havegreat capital to begin with

sanujkadavil : sir, do you have any idea about kabra extrusion. its in construction paying god dividend consistently, last year 1:1 bonus. what is your call on these stock
Ramesh S Damani : construction stocks should have a good time ahead, I don't know much about Kabra

chandani : SIRRRRRR, on Tuesday all your fav. stocks do a flying business . . how come??
Ramesh S Damani : that is not true

sewa : Sir, India has per capita beer consumtion of. 6 litres compared to 18 of China and 100 of US. Does that make United Breweries a great investment story? ALso how will the jt. venture with S & N affect the investment in UB.
Ramesh S Damani : it does. However the co is runso badly that we have to be patient

graham : Sir, Balaji Telefilms & Swaraj Engines - when will be the 'record' date? Will I get dividends if I buy before this date? Can I start buying after thursday? Mutual Funds already booked profits in Swaraj Engines. Is it risky to buy at this price? Tata Finance - Can I accumulate at 41-45? Please respond. . .
Ramesh S Damani : i like balaji and swaraj at these levels. if balaji does end up paying Rs 16 you will get the div by buying currently

my : what is ur opinion on Bharat Earth Movers Ltd. Do u own it?
Ramesh S Damani : yes, they are doing well

probal : Sir I want to thank u from the core of the heart. I had benefited immensely from your recommendations. I have recovered almost all the losses i received during the crash in may 2004. Thanks u again. This chat session is the most interesting session i had ever witnesses. Thanks again. I hols TCS, Infosys, Nucleus Software, sundaram finance, tata elexi.
Ramesh S Damani : it is great to be of help

newuser2004 : Dear Sir, I am a great fan of your yours. Would like to know your opinion about Archies. Book Value at around Rs. 80 and share also trading at around Rs. 80. P/E of around 9. Tremendous brand Value. Almost monopoly in the social expressions industry.
Ramesh S Damani : somehow i have never been too impressed with mgmt. Otherwise you are on track

vikas 1 : Macmillan : whats wrong with the result. Even after becoming major ITES player if its result is still seasonal. Just 12% up on qoq. Now EPS is 18. 5 we can't expect more than 23-24 which is way below your target of 27-30. What's your view. Do u think this quarter was an aberration
Ramesh S Damani : they continue to be a co with no consistency in earning. this quarter publishing write offs took place, perhaps. bpo is scaling up well. i don't know how much write off remains

BASANTMAHESHWARII : Morgan Stanley has picked up more then 10 lac shares of NDTV in its India fund. I continue to hold this company for quite some time now. Did you get a chance to analyse its Sept qtr results or would you pass the media sector (except balaji) for now?
Ramesh S Damani : i like ndtv i bought some at current rates

lovelysunny : sir your comments on GUJRAT NRE COKE. . . . . this scrip had been dumped few days back but has very good fundamentals. . . PLS SUGGEST SIR what should i do?
Ramesh S Damani : my sense is that they are doing well. i dont own it though

vikas 1 : INFOTECH ENTERPRISES : After gap of 5-6 qtrs there is good operating margin which will boost its earning going forward. Is it good mid cap bet with niche area. will u include along with Nucleus and Elxsi
Ramesh S Damani : not quite. mgmt has to show consistency in results

marthastewart : how does nucleus soft differ from a iflex or from a finacle arent there too many players in the banking software space today nshas has done more than 7 lakh shares
Ramesh S Damani : nucleus offers asset based lending and other solutions. it does notreally compete head on with infy, or iflex

BASANTMAHESHWARII : Thanks. CLSA says that the next big structural change in India would happen in the media sector their small cap picks in their report "rising Stars" are TV – 18, TV today, Balaji and NDTV. Also Enam & Templeton have picked up more then 6% stake each in tv today. Why would the smart money buy shares of a company that is consistently losing market share to the NDTV. See the latest Tam ratings NDTV is giving all channels a run for its money?
Ramesh S Damani : one quarter is not consistency

lavanyaa : Sir, please answer. TATA ELXSI: Your call on what to do sir. It has fallen from 168 to 149 in the last 2 weeks. Should we remain invested or get out now. I liked the results, but why is it crashing down like this. Please advice sir. Thanks
Ramesh S Damani : stocks go up and down, i can't predict and comment on each move. ultimately you have to form your own judgement and not be led by someone else

ebjacob : ebjacob says, sir - HOEC / GODREJ is it still the right price to enter or it is too high? I remember you recommended this stock when it was 53/50
Ramesh S Damani : i am still holding

marthastewart : are yu satisfied with macmillans results i think they should have been betterwill yu continue to hold oncan they do 40crs for the full year
Ramesh S Damani : no. but i am still holding it

Shikha : midday had a turnover of over 10 crore shares today, been up 16 % two days in a row, any news of FDI?
Ramesh S Damani : maybe a new investor coming in

Sharad Bhatt : Sir any real low value stocks which looks interesting like SPIC, Morgan Stanly, Arvind Prod or any other ???
Ramesh S Damani : morgan and arvind look okay to me

vikas 1 : Crest Communication : Going good in market but will result justify this huge move up though story looks great and after elxsi they are the one to get good business. Would u sell ahead of result on 30th or keep it as long-term 10 bagger story
Ramesh S Damani : it is a long term story, so be patient. otherwise you should book profits. My sense is animation is going to boom in India

we : what is ur current view about tata investment? NAV is above 500 and they r free to sell even their tata group shares depending upon their own market views and 50% of the portfolio of 1200 cr. is non tata group shares which they can sellat any time. What is ur opinion on it ? is it a value buy
Ramesh S Damani : i think it is

sush0803 : sir i want to invest for long term gains for my daughters future education. can u suggest some good buys which i can hold for 5/6 yrs to get good return
Ramesh S Damani : occasionally i recommend stocks in here that you can take a look at

rrod : Dear Sir, Please advise which Indo Matsushita (advise full name)
Ramesh S Damani : indo-matsushita appliances, growth is still a problem, so invest only if you are very patient

Harshawardhan Deshpande : What do you think of the 2nd run software cos? and what are your views on Kale Consultants
Ramesh S Damani : i like a number of them

vikas 1 : Sundaram Finance : No grudges, no complain. Just thinking we can make better money investing somewhere else specially in good market then why sundaram unless there is huge value and looks 2-3 times candidate in 2 yrs. time. Please comment
Ramesh S Damani : we have to allocate capital daily. i think it is a good allocation for the safety you get. if you find a better op by all means invest there. it is a personal decision.

rpk36 : Are you holding Arvind Product? It should perform well in future. Will you please comment on this?
Ramesh S Damani : yes

Newbiessatstock : What's the trigger your waiting for in SKf Bearings
Ramesh S Damani : it has moved up after the results

johnlittlewood : Ramesh, guess you have read them but otherwise would recommend the books - investors anthology by charles mackay and a hilarious book, where are the customers' yatchs by fred schwed
Ramesh S Damani : i have not read investors anthology. is it an old book

Satya : Dear Sir, What is your opinion about Tata Teleservices ( HUGTEL )?
Ramesh S Damani : i would keep an eye on it

Newbiessatstock : if am not mistaken your circle of competence is tech ?
Ramesh S Damani : tech, psu, bpo and the like

lovelysunny : sir
last week you had answered to a guy who questioned you for sundaram. . . . is it sundaram finance or is it sundaram fasteners sir??
Ramesh S Damani : sundaram Finance as i recall

vikas 1 : Logix Micro : There is no news for long time. Izmocar is doing well, do u see dramatic turn in their fortune in future. Its still in your holding as long term like crest
Ramesh S Damani : nothing dramatic. but doing well

NewBie : Sir, do you think that shares beyond a certain price(say 400) might be expensive and hence avoidable coz they wont have much upside after that compared to say a 50Rs share?
Ramesh S Damani : no. look at Matrix etc

amk : Sir, for Elxsi, you had mentioned that the price had outdone the fundamentals. Now that it has corrected a bit, can we get in?
Ramesh S Damani : it is always difficult to say when to enter a moving stock.

we : is goldium international worth buying at current level
Ramesh S Damani : wait till the results

sush0803 : sir I'm holding 1000 shares of aegis logitech & shree rajtexchem. should i still hold them? the shares are going down
Ramesh S Damani : prices up and down

udayv : spanco tele is in the news with a rights issue and also a public issue? do you recommend investment at rs 25/-
Ramesh S Damani : it makes sense in the IPO

ashah : Mr. damani you are strongly bullish on Banco products stocks??
Ramesh S Damani : bullish, yes

Aparna : I am looking at growth companies in BPO and technology. Would you please tell me if Onward is doing well and how's its outlook for next one year?
Ramesh S Damani : i don't have an update, but my sense is that next year is going to be a good year for them

chandani : sir tata teleservice at 18 odd should we enter for a long term view???
Ramesh S Damani : i would buy a small quantity

marthastewart : is logix still carrying loses when do yu see all loses being wiped out and can give a dividend
Ramesh S Damani : still some time away

marthastewart : does radico form part of your liquor portfolio
Ramesh S Damani : at the margin

suvena : did u see the results of Mazda
Ramesh S Damani : no, but they should be good

muhtu : sir ur diwali pick before u announce it on any channels, for the chat group?
Ramesh S Damani : have not come up with one yet

UC : Good evening Sir. . . Your views on India Nippon Electricals. . . please :-)
Ramesh S Damani : i have not seen latest results, but generally a well run co

amk : Sir, any updates / new investment ideas that you have looked at?
Ramesh S Damani : no new idea

nathan : Mr. Ramesh, please forgive me for asking this qn. Small qty means how much - i. e. 200 or 300
Ramesh S Damani : small part of your portfolio. less than 1%

CuriousCarl : Mr. Damani, on your recommendation I have invested in Kale consultants (50 Rs), Tata Elxsi(110 Rs), Four Soft (24 Rs), are these stocks worth holding now at the current prices after they have risen? Thank you for your kind advice.
Ramesh S Damani : i avoid commenting on individual portfolios. I think investors need to use own judgment.

ashah : Rameshji I would appreciate your view on Aurbindo pharma at current rate and its position compare to other pharma stocks. . .
Ramesh S Damani : they raise too much capital, so I dont follow it

sanujkadvil : sir, Nowadays we are not talking much about Mcdowell. looks like all of them forgot about the tiger. Someone says in moneycontrol that, on oct 29th ( Q2 numbers coming) they will announce a big deal. Something like a merging and stake sale. And another guy says kishore chabbria never give back his stake in Herbertsons, even if Mallya makes a Rs 1000 offer. The only hope in Mcdowell is these type of open offers might come into mcdowell also. .
Ramesh S Damani : i have spoken to much on it. lets hope a deal happens.

sanujkadvil : SirWhats your call on TV today??. Q2 was bad. Stocks come down to 93 levels from 120 in short span, way below to listing price. ICICI completely exited from the scrip. Templeton still has huge stake. Stocks trades below NDTV's mkt/cap. Good market share in hindi news, and exposure in publishing through India today and business today. Mr. Pourie is a Trusted man. Would you buy it at these levels????
Ramesh S Damani : i dont think they have exposure to India today in this co

chandani : sir how do you gather information beforehand about the result of a company?? do you get market survey done or collect information about the product from market sources??/or from the website?/
Ramesh S Damani : yes, but mainly from b/s

marthastewart : did yu know that technology is such a great thing that i can still chat with yu when I m in jail
Ramesh S Damani : Ha! Ha!

chin : pls sir give me idea bt honda siel power plssssssssssss
Ramesh S Damani : sorry dont follow it

ashah : Sir I have banco products around 8% of my portfolio. . . . as it has great dividend payout history. . your recommendation on increase or decrease in allocation
Ramesh S Damani : keep it at that level

snsdhar : The UPA govt seems to have finally decided to disinvest via the IPO route, may be up to 49% stake in PSUs, over a period of time. Do u think some re-rating will happen now in select PSU stocks ? What is ur take on this ??
Ramesh S Damani : we will get some new cos' butmarket will have overhang on existing co's/ Pick the stocks

newcomer : Sir any views on KC bokadia films, why this stock is quoting at PE of 0. 5 any reasons?
Ramesh S Damani : sorry, dont follow it

sanujkadvil : Sir, PepsiCo chief says Indian snacks market would cross $1 billion in near future. And he says India would be one of their top 5 important markets in the world. We are talking of a 25$billion dollar ITES industry in 2008-10. ie we are creating a strong millions of strong middle class people. . who should spend lots more than the average Indians for foods, beverages, apparels, whats your picks for india's strong consumerism????
Ramesh S Damani : give me your ideas first

marthastewart : are yu laughing at the spelling mistake i made with great or did yu really enjoy the humour, dont yu think the stock market is like a jail once yu are in yu cant really get out
Ramesh S Damani : humour

amk : Sir, good small article on value investing at marketvie. ws/investment-strategies/index. php?itemid=104
Ramesh S Damani : thx

lovelysunny : sir should wait for the result session to get over for an entry in Swaraj Engines or should i enter at current levels
Ramesh S Damani : it is a good bet at current pricesi own it

ops : Sir, You are Market Analyst. . . aren't you???. . . Please remember this thing-you have to all information or story about all companies. You have to store this info or story in your computer. You have to get as possible as you can find or search more information or story about all companies. . . All this work is very hard. . . . so you have to take help of other people in getting information about company. Analysis work is difficult. . . but if you make team of different type of people who know market well, then you are right analyst, but most of all times, you say that i don't know information about that company, i don't know this company. In sort you know very little information about different companies. you don't know details information. it's not right. . . . is it??????????????
Ramesh S Damani : would you believe anyone who tells you that he know all about all co's? develop a circle of competence. i certainly know only few sectors and co's

NewBie : Sir, how come you never suggest any large cap or blue chip stocks? Personally, i have come to believe that if ones interested in these stocks, Mutual fund route is more rewarding. Do you agree?
Ramesh S Damani : tcs, infy etc i have recommended. however generally large caps are hard for an independent analyst like me to analyse well

smallinvestor : Is Tata Elxsi still part of your core investment portfolio?
Ramesh S Damani : yes. thanks all for joining. see you next weekbye