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Call centres losing their voice

September 03, 2004 13:43 IST

A new industrial disease has visited call centre workers: repetitive voice injury, according to the London-based Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.

Also called call 'centre-itis,' the ailment is afflicting an increasing numbers of call centre workers who are being referred to speech therapists because they are losing their voices, literally.

Continuous conversation, not enough opportunity to drink water, and long work hours is the main reasons for this condition.

Voice therapists in the United Kingdom say that the problem is acquiring large proportions as many people are losing their voice to such an extent that they can no longer hold their jobs. Experts say that call centre workers literally push their voices to the limit, giving little time for their voice boxes to get back to normal.

Teachers, till date, were the most affected group by repetitive voice injury and underwent therapy, but call centre workers are now the fastest growing 'at risk' group.

Although call centres deny that it is a growing problem, they do agree that they make their workers aware of the occupation hazards and make sure that proper care is taken to keep them happy and healthy.