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'I am a Linux person using windows'

Last updated on: August 24, 2005 14:16 IST

Dr Bob Hoekstra, CEO, Philips India Software

What do you carry?

My comb. My mobile I often leave alone, the privacy intruder! My comb does not ring and is useful.

First crush?

My first non-mechanical calculator, which could add numbers without making a rattling noise, in the 1970s. And the spreadsheet. I could make budgets which were consistent using MultiPlan.

True love?

My laptop -- I am rarely without it. And my digital camera, which captures everything.

Latest squeeze?

I really like the PDA phone, the O2 XDA. Mainly because it makes SMS so easy. And it has a big screen. No reading specs needed.

What makes you mad?

SMS messages without full spelling.

What has been your biggest tech disaster?

Still to come.

Dream Gadget?

A charming girl who joins me and my laptop wherever we go, and tells me why I cause crashes. Or tells me it is not my fault and makes Bill fix it.

PC or Mac?

I tried to buy a Mac for my home, but even my driver could not find the one shop in Bangalore which sells them. Alas!

Linux or Windows?

I am a Linux person using Windows.

Google or not?

Yes, even on my desktop. Beats Windows hands down.

How wrong have you been?

I never make mistakes. And never will.

As told to Raghuvir Badrinath

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