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'I've a crush every season'

April 19, 2006 15:57 IST

Shantanu Prakash, MD, Educomp Solutions reveals his technology habits

What's in your pocket?

I have a Sony Ericsson P910i and an iPod Nano in my pocket. Besides, I also have a Thinkpad X41 tablet with a Reliance data card stuffed in my briefcase.

First crush?

It has been a series of crushes. I have a crush every season.

Latest squeeze?

The latest squeeze is always the one which is waiting in the wings, like the Sony P990 and Nokia E-series, the Thinkpad X60S tablet, the 60" LCD television and Skype as a standard feature on phones.

What makes you mad?

Microsoft Outlook - it has more ways of freezing than a refrigerator.

What would you most love to see?

In a phone - a better functioning QWERTY keypad, a real camera, 384 K data bandwidth and some serious storage 8 GB. That should suffice for now. On desktop front, an alternative to google and an email client to replace Microsoft Outlook. And lastly, a 60" LCD TV at home that doesn't burn a hole in pockets.

If money was no object?

I would fund the development of a real convergence device: a new form factor smaller than the Ultra Mobile Platform , with speech recognition, two-way video streaming and serious storage (100 GB plus ), 2 Mbps ubiquitous bandwidth at the device level provided by an Operator and an OS that's rock solid . Of course, we need a power source that provides enough juice for a week. Such a device would be Nirvana for me.

Your biggest tech disaster?

Running out of power and trying to squeeze that extra  minutes from the laptop.

PC or MAC?

Married to PC . Buy thinking of MAC.

Linux or Windows?

Windows for now

Google or not?

Google, Yahoo and Windows Live

How wrong have you been?

Google has proved me wrong on several occasions. I've been wrong about Internet communities and the emergence of blogs.

As told to Priyanka Joshi

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