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Astrospeak: Your zodiac forecast for 2011!

Last updated on: January 3, 2011 17:41 IST

Astrospeak: Your zodiac forecast for 2011!


Monisha Singh Dudaney

Here's a look at what the stars predict for the coming months.

Will you find love this year? Will your finances improve? We bring you astrological counsel based on your zodiac sign for 2011.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Good deeds, good thoughts and the right state of being will make 2011 a happy year for cheerful, practical and courageous Capricorns. Challenges, obstacles, delays due to your impulsive and sometimes arrogant behaviour, however, may tick off those who can help you achieve your destination and goals. August onwards, you feel slightly hopeful as certain openings relieve you of stress and give you a platform to showcase your creativity and talent. Try not to hold out for money and give quality more importance over quantity this year. October is brilliant as you travel overseas, are invited to seminars and conferences and honoured at official occasions with accolades and awards, especially if you're in the fields of politics, media and communication.

The Vibe: The energy for 2011 is to learn and learn well, as every step is important and the intentions behind it even more essential.

Career: Changing your focus and fine-tuning your perseverance could actually make you choose a different line of work. It will be the best transition for many a hard-working Capricorn who has a steady foot, even while experimenting. Those of you in the business of beauty or health may start new centres, expand, spend much money on infrastructure and do what it takes to be impressive and magnanimous. Students fare well academically and travel overseas to pursue long-held dreams and ambitions.

Romance: Many single Capricorns will want to steady their personal life, looking seriously for love and their life mate. Don't trust just your instinct and feelings, trust yourself too -- you will be making several important decisions and choices by June. Meeting someone new and being set up by your close friends and family must be taken in good spirits and with gratitude, as you never know under which circumstances you will find your soul mate. The married may decide to throw lavish parties to celebrate their togetherness and love and pamper each other in numerous, wonderful and loving ways.

Money: Money is a very important and integral part of life for a Capricorn as steady income, savings and investments occupy most of your thoughts. Purchasing property for the sake of investment may not be a wise choice. Hiring a financial advisor who advises you when to buy and sell shares/dividends and warrants will be wise. Inheritances are likely and you make the most of them by spending lavishly towards the end of the year.

Tip for 2011: The readiness to learn comes from a desire to change. Allow yourself to let go of old patterns and issues, to become a new you.

2011 Lucky Dates: 3, 31

2011 Lucky Days: Thursday, Friday

2011 Lucky Colours: Orange, Red

2011 Lucky Stone: Gomed

2011 Lucky Direction: North-East

Image: Capricorns like Imran Khan, who is getting married this week, will want to settle down
Photographs: Still from I Hate Luv Storys

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

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Cheerful, charming and outgoing Aquarians, get ready to welcome 2011. This will be a magical year for the independent and outgoing among you; it is one of a challenging nature, when you will learn that nothing can be taken for granted. Desired results are only possible with strong, positive intentions, a personal touch and true service, both in your work and personal life. 'Being in balance' is the slogan of the year. Overdoing or indulging excessively in any one area may cause mental fatigue and the moral is to manage every thought and action so that they are in sync. Don't be hard on yourself -- view competition as a healthy part of your daily life. Mental exhaustion can cause delays and give rise to obstacles. Cultivating a recreational hobby will be essential for emotional and health reasons. Money may come easily and the value for it is a little low. Travelling overseas post September to catch up with family will prove exciting, especially as you revel in celebrations.

The Vibe: The energy of 2011 is about finding your way to a balanced you. The environment is conducive and all you need to do is find your role in the bigger scheme of things.

Career: Change is a given and you find that the first half of the year is favourable to moving profiles/jobs. Many of you desire to make the most of opportunities coming your way and every minor chance/responsibility must be given a hundred percent effort. The ability to make a difference comes from following your own success mantra, as somebody else's success story will not work for you. Promotions come in by June. A hobby could become a second career and bring in the accolades and the popularity you desire.

Romance: Love is all about being harmonious with who you are and where you are. The single will find themselves attracted to others and discovering more about themselves and the real meaning of love. By October, you are likely to meet someone whose thoughts match your own and a relationship is on the cards. Those in relationships find happy ways of enhancing togetherness, with common pursuits playing a key role in cementing their bond.

Money: Your equation with money gets easier this year as you make more -- and spend more. Raising the bar on the quality of life you have, creating more time for travel and pushing the envelope towards getting your money's worth will be your agenda. The end of the year promises a windfall and wise investments in realty and shares round off a perfect year. Just make sure that, whatever you do, you spend only as much as you can afford.

Tip of the year: Allowing yourself to remain in a balance is a daily choice. Make it wisely.

2011 Lucky Dates: 2, 15

2011 Lucky Days: Monday, Wednesday

2011 Lucky Colours: Crimson, Teal

2011 Lucky Stone: Diamond

2011 Lucky Direction: North-East

Image: Miss India-Earth winner Nicole Faria is an Aquarian and can expect improved finances
Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani
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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

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Sensitive, etheareal, kind and patient, Pisceans may decide to swim upwards in 2011 and make certain decisions that they have been sitting on or sleeping over for many years. Even a slight movement in the desired direction will create ripples and a major movement is indicated towards the mid-year, creating much momentum. Business partnerships and personal relations develop once you realise your shortcomings and allow yourself to look at things from the other person's point of view; imbibe this view and trust yourself and the process completely. 'Keep the faith' is your motto this year and will be well worth echoing over and over again. For the Pisceans driven by wanderlust, travel could be excessive, both within the country and outside and to make business trips result-oriented. Health improves and bonding with friends and family brings you closer to yourself and more content in the bigger picture.

The Vibe: The energy of 2011 is excitement personified. Backing your instincts is desirable and everything flows your way to make things come true.

Career: Allow yourself to make choices to move, although much of this will take place only in your head during the first half of the year. Keep an open mind, as meeting unconventional people and exploring interesting ventures will keep you on your toes. The second half is busy with plans, execution and assembling the right team to make your dreams a reality. Trusting your instinct will be an important part of the process and of moving towards the greater success you desire.

Romance: You may surprise yourself -- many of you will decide to settle down. The single, on a dating spree, make their choices towards the year-end, settling down in happy matrimony. Those in relationships will find themselves giving each other space, sharing and encouraging their partners to cement their love. Any turbulence with extended family will resolve itself towards the mid-year, especially if there is affection, patience and compassion.

Money: Cash follows its regular inflow to you. What makes it work double-time is your changed attitude towards it, as you make it work harder for you and others, creating many a win-win situation. Investing in innovative new industries, especially energy and online spaces will be satisfying and provide much food for thought.

Tip of the year: Your wanting to change makes all the difference and will make that change happen.

2011 Lucky Dates: 12, 20

2011 Lucky Days: Monday, Thursday

2011 Lucky Colours: Peach, Black

2011 Lucky Stone: Ruby

2011 Lucky Direction: North-West

Image: 2011 is all about change for Pisceans like Shahid Kapoor
Photographs: Still from Paathshaala
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Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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Meticulous, self-reliant, enthusiastic Arians can look forward to a warm welcome from 2011, knowing that it will be an action-packed year. The next 12 months will be about getting rid of outmoded ways -- whether in thoughts, manner of living or even dressing or hair dos. 'Anything for a change' -- that's the Arian anthem this very triumphant year. From renovation to innovation, the real crux of your success lies in your ability to transform yourself quickly. As opportunities knock at your door, this time you won't analyse, wait or question what's come your way. The excitement of what's coming keeps you geared and optimistic. The challenge, however, could drain your energy and result in less free time to indulge in fun activities. Take that as a hint to join a fun sport right now and get yourself light and easy.

The Vibe: The energy of 2011, corresponding with your determination to succeed, will bring in money and success by the armful! This is the year that you make it. You really have no choice!

Career: The ability to think of something out-of-the-box has always been your niche. You spend the first half of the year experimenting and creating new products and reinventing/polishing your existing products and skill-sets. Pushing the envelope, some of you may enroll in a course to add to your abilities and expertise in June. Those looking for new avenues will find themselves getting their big breakthroughs by October.

Romance: Love this year is all about allowing yourself to look beyond convention. Breaking societal rules, creating your own in your quest of love and happiness will work well for you. In 2011, romance will peak in March as the sun brings in fun on the run. November will lead to commitments for the single and strengthening of bonds for those in relationships. By the year-end, you view all your equations in a positive light, playing to the strengths of the people in them, making your liaisons active!

Money: Cash will come and cash will go-- but it's power is what makes you all-pervasive and strong! 2011 is all about attracting money when you desire it and how much you desire. By mid-April, you are likely to hit the perfect formula of giving and receiving, managing both equally without tipping the scales. Unexpected financial windfalls/inheritances are due by October. Promotions and bonuses will match your expectations by December. Don't forget to spend on yourself and spend happily on luxuries for loved ones!

Tip for 2011: Innovate, improvise and stay informed to make the most of this year. Keep a to-do list handy to stay focused and action-oriented to bring out your best!

2011 Lucky Dates: 10, 12

2011 Lucky Days: Friday, Monday

2011 Lucky Colours: Green, Gold

2011 Lucky Stone: Jade

2011 Lucky Direction: North-East

Image: This year is pipped as one of success for Arians like Lara Dutta
Photographs: Still from Blue
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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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The hard-working and smooth-talking Taurean will bring in 2011 by making those important calls and writing those essential e-mails to get to the next level in their business/profession.

It is time you sat in the control seat and drove your own destiny. In 2011, you will attract what you truly desire. Your challenges this year could be feeling envious as you watch others around you working equally hard. Use this energy to your benefit, though!

The Vibe: 2011 for you is clearly about creating a balance between your personal and professional lives. And remember, you are the most romantic sign of the Zodiac!

Career: Listen to your heart! If you find yourself stuck in a job you find mundane, or a business that does not interest you any more, take that leap of faith. Open a restaurant if you feel like. Try your hand at design if you desire. Do not make assumptions. Finances for the same will come from investors who you will find through good networking.

Romance: Too many unconventional relationships and too many questions? Maybe you want to take yourself seriously this year. For that, many of you will take time out to discover what you truly want and who will make you truly happy. If in your quest you knock at the doors of an ex, you must do so with conviction! Those who are married will get a makeover, have fun outings and indulge in luxurious weekends this summer!

Money: Many of you have saved up and are waiting for the right project to invest in. Post-August, investing in short-term investments/mutual funds is a good idea. Property can be interesting to some and purchases are possible by the year-end.

Tips: Nothing is impossible! Don't lose sight of your desires and wake up positive every morning.

Lucky Dates: 1, 9

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Wednesday

Lucky Colours: Silver, Yellow

Lucky Stone: Pink Quartz

Lucky Direction: West

Image: Sachin Tendulkar and other hard-working Taureans are advised to take a leap of faith, career-wise
Photographs: Phil Noble/Reuters
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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

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The whimsical, humorous, and quick-witted Gemini will spend 2011 in being who they are. Discovering what you want, and pondering over why you haven't achieved it already will make all the difference. While your levels of creativity may fluctuate, there is no shame in asking for help; teamwork is the key to your success. You will push the envelope to discover your true purpose. You will travel a lot this year, and health will be a recurring issue. You need to take care of yourself throughout the year. Take nothing for granted!

The Vibe: This year is all about generosity of spirit. The more you give, the more you get. And remember, the intention with which you give matters much more than how much you give.

Career: Realising that your ideas have the strength to deliver will help you stand ahead of the rest. Turn a deaf ear to critics, and even tough seniors. Address your scattered energy, be single-minded and give your 100 per cent to every project. July will bring in a positive turn, when people will start believing in you.

Romance: Love is always in the air for the completely charming, charismatic and irresistible Gemini, who have perfected the art of flirting. Flirt away! And don't bother to commit till mid-year. Someone new from outside the country you reside in could take a keen interest in you. Allow friends to match make, go on expensive, extravagant dates and keep smiling. You will be committed by the end of the year. The married Geminis must be more innovative in their relationship, must communicate what they so desire of their spouse instead of making an excuse for their roving eye, especially in March!

Money: You are adviced to think twice before you spend. September and October are good for investments in stocks/shares /trading and entertainment-based ventures. Money coming in through sale of property/rent is likely towards April.

Tips: You are your creativity. Do what it takes to rediscover your inherent talent. With the right amount of soul-searching, you will feel on top of the world.

Lucky Dates: 3, 23

Lucky Days: Thursday, Saturday

Lucky Colours: Blue, Red

Lucky Stone: Emerald

Lucky Direction: Southwest

Image: Shilpa Shetty and other Gemineans are advised to curb their spending

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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The erudite, articulate and introspective Cancerian will welcome 2011 with a mix of hope and skepticism. Concentrate on the job in hand. You will be surprised to find more opportunities than you anticipated. By March, you will meet new, dynamic people who may want to use your professional talent and expertise! For those involved in the media/television, this is a fabulous time to create innovative content. Risk-taking is the mantra this year, but it will be well worth it. Just keep at it and you will have quite a few successful tales to tell by December!

The Vibe: As intuitive as you are, some ideas will lead to bigger things that you ever imagined. So think big!

Career: At work, claim responsibility while at the same time allowing others to show the way. You will be surprised by their generosity and goodwill. Around your birthday, you will find yourself in a strong position.

Romance: For the poetic Cancerian, the year brings much song and dance. Dating sprees for the single in the first half of the year keep them on the edge. It will all get serious by the year-end, so choose wisely. Married Cancerians need to be more caring. Those looking to extending their family will have good news coming their way by May.

Money: Settle all old debts/loans and start from the scratch. Hard as it might be, the effort will be worth your while when you balance your book at the end of the year. Making money, especially from side projects and hobbies, will make you happy and bring in the big bucks this summer. Those of you in entrepreneurial ventures will see new projects take off with a bang! Investments in real estate/luxury holidays and pleasure trips will bring in the money when you really need it.

Tips: Putting your faith in the bigger picture and take the leap in the knowledge that it will all be fine.

Lucky Dates: 5, 17

Lucky Days: Sunday, Friday

Lucky Colours: Brown, Cream

Lucky Stone: Opal

Lucky Direction: North

Image: Mahendra Singh Dhoni and other Cancerians are slated to have successful tales to tell by December
Photographs: Arko Dutta/Reuters
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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

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The gregarious and larger-than-life Leo will welcome 2011 by bringing in money in abundance. Being less pompous, less egoistic and less curious will be the cue to happiness. Thinking more about others and less about your own self will give you a sense of purpose. The art of compromise will be the key this year. Travel will take you to new lands. Keep an eye on your dream goals and work towards making it true.

The Vibe: Stop being the lone wolf. Move from thinking and acting singularly to working with like-minded people with potential.

Career: You have to shoulder many responsibilities and take many big decisions. Always include others and when good advice comes your way, take it. Your career will go where you focus. For those in the field of education, finances will not be an issue and you can work on your dream and dream projects in the latter half of the year.

International travel for training and seminars will enhance your knowledge, especially towards November.

Romance: Love evades you in the early half of the year, as you may be busy looking for it in all the wrong places. Stay away from emotionally unavailable and manipulative folk. Center yourself, build new friendships, and mingle with the opposite sex and you are bound to discover your true mate.

Married Leos may have their share of misunderstandings but your communication skills passion will help you overcome the hurdles.

Money: The spendthrift Leo spends more this year and makes more this year! Not only will you make yourself comfortable, but you might also volunteer to help a sibling/relative with loans/finances at the right time. Invest your money wisely in May/June.

Tips: Research in both personal and professional life is wise. And if that means being cautious and particular, do it. The results won't disappoint you.

Lucky Dates: 3,19

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky Colours: Saffron, Sea-Green

Lucky Stone: Tourmaline

Lucky Direction: Northwest

Image: Leos like Genelia D'Souza will make a lot of money in 2011
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar
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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

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Brilliant, observant and sensitive, in 2011 Virgos are reborn with a silver spoon in your mouths. You are not afraid to flaunt it as abundance pushes your front doors and occupies all the space inside. Disciplined as you are, not only do you put the opportunities and money to good use, you also distribute it in different areas wisely. If that means, you buy yourself a swanky car, fly first class or hire a chef to suit your diet -- you will do what it takes to be your best! Family reunions, much travel and splurging are indicated in your summer holidays. Many of you take a much-needed break after hard work and toil. Live life king size is your anthem of the year and you influence those around you, too.

The Vibe: Every opportunity is golden so grab it and give it the justice that only you know how to give.

Career: You move from insignificant to significant projects and you let others decide how successful you can be by focusing on perseverance and your end goal. The appreciation and feedback plays as a stimulant to your creative juices, making you dynamic, daring and driven about your work. April onwards, meetings, negotiations and clinching deals is your forte. Maintaining members in your team who you can trust will remain the key to your progress. Making right choices and claiming your stage is your destiny this year.

Romance: You are likely to surprise yourself this year and make a few unpredictable changes much to your satisfaction and the shock of others. Romance is on the upward swing -- whether that means waving goodbye to a long-standing relationship and looking out at greener pastures, indulging in a frivolous phase, dating who you desire. Those married may decide to give each other enough space to rediscover what and where they need to work on to pump new light and life in their relationships.

Money: Sensible and wise, the lucky Virgo will not have to worry about money this year, as it doubles with the right investments and correct choices. And the chain grows be it new business or consulting. Some of you demand more, as more money propels and motivates you; and to others it means that you are more in demand. You play the economics of money wisely. New homes, indulging and spending money on a fun sport/hobby is indicated towards mid-year.

Tip of the year: You that's what success stories are made of. And along with it, make sure to have a best friend in tow to celebrate!

Lucky Dates: 7, 18

Lucky Days: Friday, Tuesday

Lucky Colours: White, Pink

Lucky Stone: Tiger's Eye

Lucky Direction: East

Image: Virgoans like Akshay Kumar move from insignificant to significant projects
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar
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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

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The year begins on a restless note yet making you desire to be positive, hopeful and push to achieve your goals. The next 12 months will make you aspire and change your attitude towards anything you do. Finding who you really are and being the best at who you can be is the Libran anthem this year. Your mind may race from one goal to another, as consolidation and expansion remain key during the summer months. You come out triumphs, bringing out many a hidden side of you before your birthday. New responsibilities and new ties may burden the fun-loving, irrepressible you, but you manage to enjoy all that comes your way in your sanguine Libran fashion.

The Vibe: The energy of 2011 for you corresponds to a new path and an exciting journey of discovery. The ability to think innovatively will make you stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Career: Professionally, you are in the midst of much change and transition this year. You deal with the need to add zing and zest to your existing mundane routine and manage to do the same with perseverance and patience. You proceed bit by bit, little by little and push towards your goals creating the breakthroughs to big success, interesting assignments and new ventures by mid-September. Teams, associates and partners marvel at your ability to multi-task and handle multiple people and situations that come up at work.

Romance: Love this year is about aligning yourself with your needs and being able to fulfill them without much fuss or dilemma. Those in relationships may find themselves tempted to look outside their existing ties, but better sense will prevail. Given time and encouragement, your mate will add spice, passion and much humour that you desire by August. The single find they are happy to play the field, bringing the world to their feet with their lethal charm and crazy charisma.

Money: Recycling cash to create more is what you do best. So allow yourself this year to invest in new ventures, changing strategy to create something big and bountiful. Watching your assets grow from the sidelines might be wise, as too much jugglery and staking more than you can afford might fall flat. By July end, allow yourself to enjoy a happy bank balance, comfortable assets and a happy position of power.

Tip for 2011: Staying focused on the questioning, the introspection and ready to receive the eventual answers will make you a better person.

Lucky Dates: 4, 28

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Friday

Lucky Colours: Black, Grey

Lucky Stone: Amethyst

Lucky Direction: East

Image: Soha Ali Khan and other Librans can expect to take exciting new paths
Photographs: Courtesy Maxim Magazine
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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

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This year is all about creating magic with your strategy and your positive outlook. Work-wise, you will feel centred, focused and many like-minded personalities may cross your path offering you new avenues to experiment. The impulsive Scorpion takes a while and decides around April to take the big plunge and surprise the world, making along with it a lot of money and fame. Family, property matters and litigations that come up may require a precise view point and will result in your favour. Travel for the same will be necessary. Make time over weekends to catch up with loved ones. Catch up on a sport, flow with nature to soothe your calm nerves.

The Vibe: Allow yourself to achieve the impossible, making you so strong that every desire is fulfilled.

Career: Get ready to whiz into the firmament of success like a meteor and surprise the world. 2011 is all about the unexpected as you create new rules, new level playing fields allowing yourself to make the world your oyster. The environment is conducive, allowing you to transform yourself into the very best. If in entertainment, new opportunities knock at your door at regular intervals during the first quarter and you weigh each option carefully choosing the one that suits your needs and goals.

Romance: Too many suitors and too little time! Flowing with the tide, making spontaneous moves and enjoying every dalliance for the best of what it can offer makes the year full of happy sunsets, moonlit nights and much headiness. You may settle with an ex-beau and end the year tying the knot, giving celebrations a whole new meaning. Those in relationships may go through their share of long distance love, different time-zones and even different priorities and finally cement and script their own love story to perfection.

Money: You decide that money is the mantra for this year and not only will you spend it wisely; you will also share it wisely. You attach a premium to yourself and your work, demanding and delivering the best. Making your money work harder than you usually do, you put it to good use putting it in the right mix of equity and realty investments.

Tip for 2011: You are the star in your life and many others'. Enjoy the attention, the rave response and the appreciation.

Lucky Dates: 7, 17

Lucky Days: Tuesday, Wednesday

Lucky Colours: Purple, Red

Lucky Stone: Aquamarine

Lucky Direction: West

Image: Scorpions like Vijender Singh will be pursued by too many suitors, but will have too little time

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

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The generous, stubborn and interesting Saggis know that 2011 is a turning point in their lives. Swinging away in the lap of much abundance and love, you invite nothing but the very best in your life. A happy turn of events, circumstance and situation will mark the beginning of this year for you and its warm sunshine lasts the entire year. Being grateful for what you have and living every moment of the year in celebration, you forge ahead in your professional ties and personal accomplishments. 'Be in the now' is the anthem of the year inviting you to rejoice and bask in every moment. Travel is indicated for many of you especially towards mid-year bringing forth far reaching impact and interesting realisations. Family and loved ones will be giving with both time and money making the year complete.

The Vibe: The energy for 2011 for you Saggis is one of much receiving. This year, you reap all the positivity that you have put out creating rainbows wherever you go!

Career: This year is all about making the big and the right moves. Doing it at the correct time and the perfect allies will make them even more grandiose in intention and impact! Listening to your hunches and backing your instinct will be wise, especially in the first half of the year as you manage to achieve the impossible. Big deals, new clients and winning awards and rewards are indicated towards the end of September making you much in demand.

Romance: The hunter in you is always alive. And the single discover their natural instincts as they indulge in a dating spree. Unusual liaisons with unconventional people makes the first half of the year zip for many. For those in relationships, playing dress up, being bold and stating your desires will keep the fire in your equation burning brightly

Money: Cash is your comfort zone and you like to make sure you have much of it. 2011 will bring in cash easy especially from unexpected sources and at unexpected times. Enjoying the joy and fun money can bring, you create more -- spending and splurging on loved ones. Investments in property, mutual funds and the stock market will help your money grow quicker than usual especially towards November.

Tip for 2011: Know that you deserve nothing but the best -- and that's what will come your way. Give with as much joy as you receive!

2011 Lucky Dates: 4, 10

2011 Lucky Days: Friday, Monday

2011 Lucky Colours: Cream, Violet

2011 Lucky Stone: Moonstone

2011 Lucky Direction: South-West

Image: Saggis like Konkona Sen Sharma can expect to make all the right moves
Photographs: Still from Luck By Chance
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