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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Revealed: Men love curves, women love abs

Revealed: Men love curves, women love abs

Last updated on: December 23, 2012 09:00 IST

Photographs: Sharayah Sherry, USA/Wikimedia Commons Jasmine Chabria, Courtesy YouthIncMag
These sexy guides will help lovelorns discover what the opposite sex wants.

While long stemmed roses and long drives helps, here's something that will help you draw closer to your femme fatale:

1. Hairy Love Tales

She places her gaze first at your facial hair (and not your chest hair).

A well-kept stubble, suggesting that you're a kind gentle caretaker does turn her on rather than a beastly hoarse beard.

She prefers short hair on the man's head rather than long, straightened hair (she doesn't want competition nor does she want you to look like her. Few such as Farah Khan like it).

She prefers the guy's arms and legs to be unwaxed, yet not a hairy jungle.

A man's arms are an integral turn-on for women, so guys keep them clean topped with average hair.

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Where are the ABS?

Image: A still from Murder 2

She does like a fit, muscular look on the man who has strength.

However, the extremes are a strict turn-off for her -- she doesn't want to date or mate a hulk, nor a toothpick-y size zero.

Tags: ABS

3. Get the Vaseline!

Photographs: Jeremy Daccarett on Flickr/Wikimedia Comons

The size of the lips don't matter much to her (yes, true, here is one thing where size doesn't matter).

But cracked dry lips of the 'he' disappoint her.

You could apply Vaseline, but avoid a glossy look, or it would backfire.

Tags: Vaseline

4. Odours and Fragrances

Image: A scene from Basic Instrinct 2

She loves the fragrances of strawberry, mint and chocolate.

Sweat odours are a strict no-no.


5. Big eyes

Image: A still from Murder

She loves him to have big eyes.

It makes her think she can decipher him and rate his honesty level as well as health.

She doesn't like extremely well shaped eyebrows on him (again, stop competing with her).


6. Height matters

Image: Still from Ragini MMS

The tall man provides a sense of security and comfort for her.

Also, she finds his tallness very attractive and she sees it as a 'protector' quality in him.

She loves to be treated like a princess.


What the men adore

Image: Chitrangada Singh
Photographs: Courtesy Perfect Relations

Men love their women to take care of their bodies. Paying attention to some of these will help you win over your man.

1. Hairy searches

He loves long hair (even shoulderlength hair does turn him on). Long locks tell the world that you're a sensual woman.

You take care of your hair because sensuality and looking sexy is important to you. The message you're telegraphing is that you'll take care of him in 'that way' too.

However, an unwaxed gal does put 99 per cent of men into depression.

Skip those parlour sessions if you want to play revenge with him.


2. Where are those curves, baby?

Image: Reemma Sen in Gangs Of Wasseypur

He likes a fit and healthy girl.

This is because he wants the girl to be able to reproduce.

Talking of curves, who doesn't know that a girl's hour glass figure is like the man's elixir.

Now do you get why Playboy mints money?


3. Lips don't lie

Image: A scene from Ishqiya

He does love full lips as he thinks they deliver sensuous, satisfying kisses.

Also, lips that wear lipstick are instantly noticed by him.

A research showed that lips without makeup are noticed by men after 2.2 seconds.


4. Don't use 'HE' perfumes

Image: A scene from Basic Instinct 2

Girls love the fragrance of 'He' deos and perfumes and end up using them.

That's a faux-pas.

The logic is that men use them to attract you. You need not use them.

And he loves 'for her' perfumes better than 'for him' perfumes so you need to use them, and he shall fall for you.


5. Eye-for-an eye

Image: A still from Aiyya

He likes wideset, elongated eyes.

These make him think you're youthful and naughty. Also, wide eyes add a beautiful sparkle to the face.

Makeup can enhance the size of your eyes.

Thick eyebrows turn him on more than extremely thin eyebrows.


6. Height and heels

Image: Kangna Ranaut

Her height does matter for him.

He likes her to be between 5'3" and 5'8".

Sexy heels and stilettos always turn him on. They aid in enhancing his arousal level.

Both subtle colours as well as bright flashy colours arouse him.