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This article was first published 11 years ago

Do adult toys mean better sex? 5 interesting facts

Last updated on: September 3, 2012 16:54 IST

Photographs: Stag Shop - Waterloo/Flickr on Wikimedia Commons

They're no long just for people with an abnormally high sex drive who can't help but duck into every sex shops in search of ever kinkier products.

Sex toys are being increasingly used by more regular folk to aid masturbation or to add some excitement when having sex with one's partner.

1. There's plenty to toy with

The vibrator is probably the most well-known sex toy. It's a battery-operated phallus that women can use to stimulate themselves but men are also known to enjoy the feeling of vibrations on their penis or testicles). Meanwhile, dildos are phallic-shaped toys that don't vibrate.

There are also many other toys on the market: sprays, gels, blow-up dolls, penis rings, anal toys and even sex furniture (eg: sex swings). They are all designed to make sex even more fun and exciting.

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2. Toy bans

Photographs: Piast/Wikimedia Commons

In some countries, sex toys are seen as obscene objects and are illegal to sell or own. For those without a sex partner or who have troubles reaching an orgasm, this can be unfortunate. Sex toys can also be a much safer method in meeting one's sexual needs than having sex with an unknown partner.

Vibrators were originally used to treat hysterical women -- so they may actually be therapeutic! Nevertheless, it might be worth looking into your country's laws before indulging in a sex toy shopping spree.


3. Sex toy rules to live by

Photographs: Morderska/Wikimedia Commons

While sex toys are generally safe to use, there are a few things to remember. First of all, always clean your toys after use. This is especially important when sharing toys, as some STDs can be transferred through them. Never use anal toys anywhere but around the anus, as some harmful bacteria can survive even after a thorough cleaning.

Also, it's best to choose higher-quality toys as there are still very few restrictions on their production. So some toys may be manufactured using toxins or other dangerous substances.

And always remember: electricity and water don't mix. NO VIBRATORS IN THE BATH!


4. Vibrators don't replace partners

Photographs: Neil Rickards from Cambridge, England/Wikimedia Commons

Men often wonder if vibrators and dildos are evil instruments designed to replace them. But let us reassure our male readers: while a woman may enjoy the occasional self-love with the help of a little battery-operated friend, it can never replace love-making with a partner.

You should actually be very happy if your partner uses a toy as it's more likely she's discovered what really gets her going.


5. Sex toys = Big bucks

Photographs: MasteredSockPuppet/Wikimedia Commons

The global sex toy industry is valued at 15 billion US dollars, and currently enjoys a growth rate of 30 per cent. Such numbers drives innovation. New luxury toys are being continually produced with different expensive materials and prize-winning designs. There are even sex toy vending machines!

So even if you are not into using toys in play, you might still want to use them to broaden your stock portfolio.

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