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Daddy and me: 'I owe all my accomplishments to him'

June 12, 2013 16:23 IST

Readers share memorable pictures of their dads. Share yours too!

With Father's Day coming up on June 16, we invited readers to send in special 'Daddy and Me' pics. Here's the next set of responses!

First up we have this photograph of Shitij Jain who describes this as 'one of my best moments with my dad'.

Shitij writes: "A self-made banking professional who was coerced by circumstances to start working at the age of 12, a man of strong principles and ideologies, he refused to accept favours from anyone and stood as an epitome of honesty and integrity. He is still mentioned as an example of being an institution in himself.

I still remember that he used to go to work on his scooter because he wanted me to go to my college in the car -- ensuring that my drive back and forth was comfortable.

When we used to eat our meals, he would keep aside his share of Okra for me because he knew I loved it. He made sure that even if it meant extra financial burden on him, I get the best of education possible. And the list goes on…

He has been my idol and today I owe all my accomplishments to him. Amongst the many things that my dad taught me, the one closest to my heart is this: "What you leave behind for the world to remember are the values you stood by; everything else is ephemeral."

Daddy and me: 'I am truly blessed!'

Neha Kamat shares with us this photograph and writes in: "My daddy Mr Prakash D Kamat is my best friend, philosopher, guide and inspiration. He gave me and my sister a royal childhood, but along with that he made us learn the true value of both the luxury and the necessity.

He taught us the two important virtues of life -- honesty and self dependence. He is a mechanical engineer and runs his own business, which deals in fire protection.

He is a self-made man and so we are incredibly proud of him. I am truly blessed to have a father like him.

I am sure if I ever ask god. What should I thank him for, a great life or a great daddy, I am sure he would answer thank me for a great dad not life because he is the one made your life so beautiful not me!

This photo was clicked in 1995 in Lonavala where we had gone for a small vacation. There is a bond of innocent love and care which reflects in this picture which till date remains unchanged.

Love you dad!"

Daddy and me: 'He is my biggest strength!'

Avani Goyal writes in: "Father is always the first love of daughter. My relationship with him became stronger while I was preparing for my medicals. I used to share my worries, my concerns with my mom though I was close to my dad too. Papa was the one who supported me despite of all my failures. He is my biggest strength, my best guide. I am lucky to have you as father!"

Daddy and me: 'Thanks Papa for being with me always'

Archita Goyal writes: "I was around three when my mom was doing her professional course and I used to stay with my father. Since then I share a very special bond with my dad. He knew what I wanted before I could actually speak. He is my hero, my role model. He has given me everything I wanted in my life. Best dadu in the world. Thanks Papa for being with me always. I love you."

Daddy and me: 'He is my inspiration and strength'

Ashish Chandra sent us this photographs with him and his father clicked back in 1976.

"He is always my inspiration and strength. His 'never say no' attitude always made me go ahead in life. May God keep him best in health always," he writes.

Daddy and me: 'I don't even have a photograph with him'

Vikas Tiwari didn't send a photograph but did send in this little note:

"Daddy, Papa… are words that gives confidence when you feel low and when you need a supporting voice and an assuring hand on your shoulder.

I always missed that because I lost my father when I was two-and-a-half-years old. In fact, I don't even have a photograph with him though he took me to the photo studio for my first two birthdays.

He was journalist, poet and social worker. He was multi-talented person with a very charming persona. We lost him in 1981 on Diwali eve but still in my native town people remember him with respect. I was welcomed everywhere because I was the son of their loving 'Bhaisahab!' -- the name by which people refer to him with respect.

So for me my father is still with me in his diaries, papers and in his many albums. And I can feel him always around me whenever I need him to be by my side that tells me in my ear: "Go, tiger!"

I can write a book about the word FATHER because it really means a lot for me…it is because of him what I am today.

Daddy and me: 'He always encouraged me'

Chetan S also didn't send in a photo but wrote this:

"I am a successful professional living with my parents as well as my grown up children. When I remember my childhood, I feel very proud of my father who is now 82-years-old.

He never pressurised me for my studies even though many times I could not perform well. He always encouraged me with very simple words. He never told me that I have to earn lot of money even though we were not well to do. He encouraged me to value humanity. To this day, I remember all his golden words. My children also give me lot of love and respect as they see the love and respect from me for my old father.

We should never forget our parents in their old age. During their need in last moment of life, we should extend our help, love, respect and care.

Happy Father's Day to all!"

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