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This article was first published 11 years ago

12 tips for pregnant working women

Last updated on: April 16, 2013 18:46 IST

Photographs: Adnan Abidi/Reuters Smriti Talwar Chhabra

Carry mini meals, take your boss into confidence, never let the guilt sink in... and many more things to keep in mind for a smooth pregnancy

Many women choose to keep working during pregnancy and there is absolutely no harm if you are having a normal pregnancy. But of course you got to be more cautious these months. Here are few tips for pregnant working women:

1. Nutritious diet

Diet is one thing you just cannot ignore in pregnancy. Owing to demanding work, many women tend to ignore the diet. Eat short balanced  meals at regular intervals to keep yourself up in energy and to combat acidity.

Avoid having fatty and junk food available at office food joints. Opt for juices and sprouts instead.

2. Carry mini meals

First thing is buy yourself a big food carrying bag. Carry at least two varieties of fruits and some snacks each day to office. You can also keep a box of assorted nuts in your office drawer. Nuts are instant source of energy, munch them at short intervals.

Milk intake is absolutely essential for you. Carry milk in a flask or sipper to office.


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12 tips for pregnant working women

3. Pepper-mint

Carry gum or tablet in your purse. Take it whenever you feel nausea tic.

4. Water bottle

Keep a bottle of water on your work seat and keep sipping at regular intervals. Refill your one litre bottle every 3-4 hours. Carry water bottles from home in case you are not too confident about water filtering system of your office.


12 tips for pregnant working women

5. Take your boss into confidence

It is respectable that you announce about your pregnancy to your boss first. You never start off a chain of events by telling a co-worker or your boss' boss first. It's simply not considered acceptable in the business world.

6. Go easy, do not over stretch

Take things easy and do not over-stretch yourself to achieve targets. This year would anyway, in most likelihood, not bring in promotion; so keep easy. Late sittings in office are not good for your health. And no peer pressure baby!


12 tips for pregnant working women


7. Never let the guilt sink in

Never let the feeling of 'I am not able to do justice anywhere' sink in you. Always remind yourself you are doing too well -- professionally and personally!

8. Ask for help whenever needed

Tiredness and fatigue are gifts of pregnancy. Do not hesitate to ask for support from co-workers and boss whenever needed.


12 tips for pregnant working women


9. Take a break and walk around

To avoid acidity and heartburn issues, it is advised to take a small stroll within office area every 45 minutes.

10. Stretch and breathe

Find a place to stretch and relax yourself. Breathe deep to rejuvenate.


12 tips for pregnant working women

Photographs: Sherwin Crasto/Getty Images

11. Know about company policies

Speak to your HR and other colleagues who took maternity leave recently to know about company's maternity policies. Do your homework well and get complete information about all policies for maternity leave, sabbatical leave, leave without pay, medical reimbursement and childcare.

12. Dress comfortably

You must wear dresses which make you comfortable. Body hugs and tight pants should be avoided. This is the time when you would feel very hot; thus it is advised to wear cotton fabrics with light shades. Shoes you wear to office must be flat heeled and comfortable. Slipping is the worst thing to happen during pregnancy.