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The case for organic food

July 27, 2013 13:16 IST

The case for organic food

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary

Gone are the days when organic produce was restricted to the homes of the rich and fanciful. A decade back, a person who insisted on eating organic food may have been perceived as being too picky or having too many airs. Today more people are realising the benefits of chemical free food and are willing to go that extra mile (and that extra Rupee) to make it a part of their lifestyle.

The argument supporting organic food is simple. Organic agriculture uses techniques that focus on land and soil health and thus towards a balanced eco-system. There are no pesticides and insecticides used here. Hence the produce obtained is chemical free.

Not only are chemicals harmful to the body, eliminating them also makes the food healthier and tastier. Organic food is proven to be a great antioxidant.

The cynics argue that this is just snob value. The supposed benefits of organic foods do not justify the incremental cost involved. Until recently, this was true. This health benefit came with a hefty price tag. However, since the demand of the same has risen and more efficient techniques of production have been employed, the cost is a mere 10-20 per cent more than the regular products.

Fad or fact, it is now easier to purchase chemical free foods and include them in our diet. You may do so by introducing just one element that is organic. It could be fruits, vegetables or even pulses. Online retailing has helped bridge the gap between the consumer and the retailer. One can now order organic products online and have them home delivered for no extra charge at all.

Like all standards, it is important for the consumer to be certain that the food being ordered is truly organic and not a scam. Only purchase things which have been audited and certified. They should display an organic certification logo such as the Global Organic Textile Standard-GOTS logo/USDA etc.

The argument that cultivating and using organic food is good for the environment and the earth’s eco-system is a strong one. Yet, in today’s selfish age, we often need more than a philanthropic reason to change our habits. It is only when one understands and accepts the health benefits of such a lifestyle, can a sustained transformation be made in society.

Online shops for organic food and other products:

1. - Delivery pan India. Sells food products as well as cosmetics, clothing etc.

2. - Free shipping all over India


4. - Currently servicing only NCR. The website is a great place to order organic fresh fruits and vegetables at a competitive price.

5. - A women led initiative, they also sell potted herbs like thyme and basil that one can grow in their own houses.     

Image: Nectarines
Photographs: J. Samuel Burner on Flickr/Wikimedia Commons